Als head coach Khari Jones tests positive for COVID-19

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes announced on Tuesday that Head Coach Khari Jones has tested positive for COVID-19 and will be in isolation from the rest of the team for a minimum of ten days, after which his situation will be re-evaluated.

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Get well soon Khari Jones, your team needs you to lead them to the promised land. Which of course means the 2021 Grey Cup game ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Was asymptomatic so should be easily good to go after the 10 days.

Team was tested yesterday and all negative so Saturday's game is still scheduled to proceed.

Let's hope.

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Im sure they will have to be tested again


Your elks got rocked

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If the Lions pull off a win on Saturday… please don’t use this as a excuse :beers:

That is fine Mike, I took the Stamps in Week 5 and 6 anyway ! :sweat_smile:

Oohhhhh myyyyyy gaaaaaaaaaawwwd!!!

This is the first major pop-up of Covid since the Elks had their early season problems, having to cancel/postpone a game.
One thing I do not like about so-called CFL protocols - it seems the league has succumbed to team pressures and no longer requires CFL coaches to wear their masks on the sidelines. What has changed? Has covid-19 gone away? Are vaccinations 100% foolproof?
Most coaches will drop their masks even if the CFL reinstates fines for non-compliance. Look at Dinwiddie & Mike O'Shea, not to mention the now-infected Khari Jo.
$500 fine will not do it. Perhaps treat masks like helmets. If coaches are caught not wearing masks on the field after an obligatory warning - maybe 10 yard penalties enforced on their team.
Fines are usually paid by teams anyways so coaches don't have any skin in the game.
The worst part of all of this is EXAMPLE. Coaches setting a horrid example for CFL fans & watchers by discarding their masks while Covid entering a vicious 4th wave. Whats up with that?
Get the masks back on boys. Yes, its more difficult to yell at officials and your own players/coaching staff with a mask on your mouth - BUT ITS MEDICALLY NECESSARY.
Why are offcials wearing masks whilst they work? Same with a percentage of players & sideline staff.

The ALs were on a bye-week

Yes they were. But covid doesn't abide by CFL byes. The virus somehow got into Jones' system and fortunately CFL testing protocols are far more stern & secure than their lax mask protocols!

He was on a bye Vancouver. CFL covid rules have nothing to do with anything here

During the bye week, Khari Jones traveled home to Vancouver as well as to Toronto to visit his daughter in college. Jones said he is always wearing a mask and social distancing. Going to multiple cities just increased his odds of getting infected.

To this point it has not been suggested or reported by the league Jones has broken Covid protocol.

Mr. Jones is Fortnite he is regularly tested, he has Covid and is asymptomatic. In any other circumstances an asymptomatic person with Covid has a greater chance to spread it to friends, family & coworkers.
Hopefully soon in a drug store near you we can all purchase reusable or disposable testing products to slow the spread

A coach or manager of all people! Duh?? People don't really get it.