Als head coach Khari Jones out with the Covid…

…hopefully contained to just him and KJ recuperates well…

Entire team was tested on Monday, all negative, so far

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Recuperates? He's asymptomatic. What's to recuperate from? This is a formality.

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…hope he doesn’t get sick then? Pretty minor thing to rant about to be honest

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Not Covid

Can his $## and bring back Marc Trestman!

What did he do wrong?

Could be any number of things. Hope he’s ok. Won’t be the same on the sideline for sure.

He Quit

I meant what did he do that deserves getting 'canned'?

I'm not sure where anyone said Mr. Jones was either canned or quit.
The article said,
"Khari Jones has tested positive for COVID-19 and will be in isolation from the rest of the team for a minimum of 10 days."
"Assistant head coach and running back coach André Bolduc will coach the team on Saturday against the BC Lions."

EZ demanded to 'can his a$$'. I was asking for what reason. Why should he be fired? He tested positive despite being vaxed. He is now isolating. What else does he have to do to keep his job?

This is funny, I didn't know that $## was ass.
I thought he was babbling. Sorry my bad🤐

'$##' is French for germs

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Making fun of the French language?

Vous n'avez rien de mieux à faire ?

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Let's not go overboard here....Covid is a deadly virus a serious killer ....we can only hope it hasn't affected more people around Khari....foremost his family and players he spends a lot of time with......Hope for the best


... :\

The NFL has announced that 92% of it's players are vaxxed.
I haven't seen anything from the CFL, except that teams are firing coaches that refuse the vaccination

As of Aug 3rd

As of last Friday’s league-wide roster cutdown, 79 per cent of CFL players are fully or partially vaccinated. Three CFL teams have more than 85 per cent of their players vaccinated. The other six teams have vaccination rates ranging from 67 per cent to 81 per cent.

Who was fired for refusing?

At first I found this hard to believe, rather than to call it out, I researched a couple NFL sites,
Wow good for the NFL I'm impressed.
CFL what is your issue? Get the shot!

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