Als hand Bombers first loss in overtime thriller

WINNIPEG — The Montreal Alouettes defeated the Blue Bombers on Thursday night, handing Winnipeg their first loss of the season.

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The actual headline should read, "Bombers Hand Als a Win in Overtime Thriller"


Although the win comes with a bomber failed FG but you gotta admit Montreal played a darn good game to go toe-to-toe against the champs tonight…they win this as much as the bombers lost it…


It’s usually the Als that shoot themselves in the foot.
A much needed win. Lucky and gutsy.....I’ll take it.


Glad we could help out. :grin:

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My family’s roots are in St. Boniface Manitoba.
If the Als don’t make it, I’ll always cheer for the Bombers.


I hope the wpg fans in manitoba do not give the BB kicker the McCallum treated.

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As what took place in SASK all those years ago I am sure a select few bomber fans will want too but might not get stupid drunk enough to carry out the deed.... a few asshats always are lurking around any teams fan in point MOST, but not all of the Cowtown crew here. Especially that poster who claimed the losing culture in Calgary must end

Bombers BOMB!

The ex holder of the classified nuke codes has few bodyguards he can hire out to The Leg…..

Real intimidating tough guys under 6 feet with no hair too!!!!


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First, credit to Montreal for bringing a fight. They won the trench battles, especially vs our OL. They got the turnovers.

Now having said that, there was some pretty brutal calls/non calls during those last few minutues that would have sealed it for WPG, but kept Mont alive. I think Proulx just loves to hear the Boos from the crowd as he thinks they're saying "prooooo".
And please burn those jerseys.


Not sure who was doing the shooting but sure as heck one of those shots grazed our kicker,
Good win for Montreal though.


I doubt anyone would do that today. Manure is too expensive to give it away........ maybe I'll tryout for the Riders, I could use a free truck load.

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I'm pretty sure a few of his jerseys found their way into the Red River lastnight. Walking out of the stadium all you could hear was his name being cursed.
Feel bad for him, I still haven't seen what happened, if it was a bad snap or what, but man we need him to bounce back. Not sure if the break is good or bad for him.

On the replays, both the snaps seemed perfectly fine. The first kick was a total shank. The second one hit the upright and bounced out, just bad luck.

TBH they went both ways.

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Get out of here with your sensible takes. I'm allowed to be grumpy the day after our first loss (and little sleep).
But really, that "offside" call was the game.

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It wasn't bad luck.

Leg's had to kick that ball hard enough that it would go through the end zone. Nomally in practice he'd line up and kick that ball from the 36 in his sleep. Not so yesterday. His assignment on that particular play was to kick it harder than he normally would from that distance. He whiffed it like I whiff a golf ball whenever I try to kill it.

In hindsight O'Shea should've told Leg's to just punt it through the endzone for a single. It would've been 'Game Over'.

Oh, I agree that the first miss was totally on him.

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lol. I just try to stay sensible so my head doesn’t explode from the frustration at this loss.