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Sheldon, when are you going to fill us in on what’s going on out East? I just saw on Tim & Sid that Sherman & Reed are expected back. I thought they were looking for a new GM? Doesn’t make sence to keep that staff together after the circus this year.

Who is Al and why do we care about his gossip?

Misplaced apostrophe aside, there is sadly no gossip to report. It is unfortunately going to remain the status quo. Kavis will be returning, ably assisted by his trusted sidekick Joe Mack. Mack hasn`t heard the news yet, he is still sound asleep.

Ownership no longer willing or able to pay fired employees. Or feel they would be unable to attract a capable GM candidate because they insist on hiring the Head Coach themselves.

Meanwhile, instead of focusing on Mexico and Halifax, the Commish better take a peak at the Montreal situation, or he might be presiding over a perpetual 9 team league.

No gossip? You guys just had a 4 win season…and are bringing back coaches that many would wish stay far away from their team. Does that seem very encouraging to you?
Is there truth that management was in contact with other GMs while they were under contract?
You guys have Johnny Football as your QB…no gossip? ??? On Tim & Sid they said he’ll be one of the top paid QBs next year…you think he’s earned that?
Reporters getting assulted by team members…no gossip?

Come on Sheldon, that’s just for starters!

No reason he can't work on both at the same time. In fact this same worry has been stated and addressed in the media.

The league has many problems, but it isn't like they are unique to the league or football in general. Unfortunately, the CFL doesn't have the hype to overcome it in the big three markets like the NFL or NHL does, which only make the league's problems more glaring. The CFL has to be on its game more so than the other leagues. And in this respect the CFL also has one less down to work with.

Feel free to visit Al's Forum, all these issues have been passionately debated.

Changing coaches every time you have a losing season is the best way to keep losing. Remember that Sherman took over a team that was 3-15 last year. You’ve got to give him more than one season to climb out of that hole.


I laughed out loud at the office, thanks for that. :)I popped in and removed the offending apostrophe.

As someone whose team holds MTL's 2020 and 2021 first round draft picks, this makes me very happy!

You think you`re happy now. An o-line injury in 2019 and Kavis will probably trade you our 2022 1st round pick to get Landon Rice back.

Unless he offers Tillman the chance to move up one spot in the draft in exchange for Revenberg.

I generally like to think that continuity is a good thing...but yeah, this could be bad.

That said...Junior needs to start being more ain't workin when he tries to get in there and play puppet master

I just saw on Tim & Sid that Sherman & Reed are expected back.
Tim may not be as good a Coach as Sherman,


Sid would be a huge improvement over Reed! :wink:

Only coach that has been "brought back" as yet is Sherman, who acknowledged that he is reviewing all the coaches as the performance this season was not acceptable ...easiest decisions may end up being Stubler (only signed on as a consultant until Kahlil Carter quit in May) and the OL coach (someone has to take the hit for the worst unit on a poor team, just edging out the receiving corps).

The Als won five games in 2018.

Sherman probably. Reed? Not a chance, he’s already had two years. They had a chart on RDS of the players he gave up for what he got back and its shameful.

Since the beginning of the season he’s given up seven players, five of which are starting Canadians, three first round picks 2019,2020,2021 (probably top #1 o#2 picks overall). So in essence, he’s given up 8 starting Canadians + Chris Williams

For this:

Johnny Manziel
Tony Washington
TJ Heath
Josh Stanford
Landon Rice
Tyler Johnstone
Second round pick

How can you bring that GM back and not be a laughing stock to the fan base???

You can’t! Reed is a joke. >:(

Reed is the Chiarelli (GM of the Edmonton Oilers) of the CFL!