Als good or TiCats Horrible

During the first half I kept asking myself if the Als were that good or if the TiCats were that bad. With the Als missing several first stringers, perhaps Hamilton was that bad.
The new coaching staff of the Als showed that team is functioning much better than 07.There were no procedure calls against the Als, they had infrequent penalties [ if any ]. The team were well prepared and there was discipline on the field. Calvillo was confident with an offensive system that was effective unlike the disaster of 07. Kudos to the new coaches.
Avon Colbourne had his best game as an Alouette. His running was great and, his blocking contributed greatly to the offense. He was effective with screen passes and, he should be considered for first string at this time. The defense were up for the game. Devone Claybrooks was a giant at defensive tackle.Others on the defense were positively noted. Dwayne Taylor, T.J. Hill were towers of strength. Indeed this was a good all around defensive effort.
Based on this game,the Als appeared good but, the TiCats were horrible.

The Als won. I'd like to leave it at that, instead of looking for negatives.

We look at it 1 game at a time. They prepared all week for Hamilton, beat Hamilton. Now it's time to prepare for Winnipeg, and beat Winnipeg.

Hamilton was, well, the Hamilton we've come to expect over the past four years, which is to say, not good at all. But Trestman coached a brilliant offensive game. The score would have been a lot more lopsided had the Als not taken penalties at the goal line. Apart from underthrowing a few receivers on long balls, Calvillo looked crisp and precise, Watkins and Cobourne dominated the game, the O-line looked much improved, and the playcalling was nigh perfect. It won't be this easy against other teams in the league, but boy, what a breath of fresh air after Bellefeuille.

Defense. Somewhat different story. Some good things and some head-scratchers. Still not enough consistent pressure on the QB, and some sloppy tackling. Claybrooks had a great game, as did Hill and Taylor. I want more out of the secondary, particularly Cox, who looked half a step behind for most of the game.

Well, I came away feeling really good about the Als since they did something tonight which they didn't do ALL of last year...second half adjustments.

Although the Ti-Cats were shooting themselves in the foot, Printers was able to put a few nice drives together towards the end of the half.

Scenario last year --> he claws back and pulls out a win or Als barely hang on.

Scenario this year --> Als make adjustments and shut the door.

I think the Als did very well. They were off to a good start and keep moving the ball and scoring in the second half. That was something they had a lot of trouble with last season. The cat did not play great but the certainly did not beat themselves

Congrats to AC for taking over 2nd spot on the all time passing list and to Trestman for his first CFL win....With no CFL experience!

9 for 67 yards

Ham had 13 for 103 yards

Congrats guys, you whipped us good, you were far better in every respect last night. And congrats to AC as well for the mark and coming back, man, he looked as good as ever.

But it's only the first game, a long season, us Cats might not be that bad, I don't think we are. And you guys might be that good and vie for top spot in the east, didn't think that would be the case.

I know it's only one game, but Avon Cobourne deserves to be our starting tailback based on last night's performance. It's not just that he had the yards and the TD. He played like a maniac. He hit the hole fast, accelerated well, put his head down when he needed extra yards, caught screens out of the backfield for significant gains, blocked for his QB, and played with a passion and enthusiasm we haven't seen from that position in quite some time. I said at the tail end of last season how impressed I was by him at running back; I couldn't figure out why we'd had him returning kicks -- a job at which he was competent, nothing more -- when he was so much more effective as a running back. I stand by that now.

We have got to find more ways to get this guy involved in the offense, he's a keeper.

Certainly his best game as an Alouette, that's for darn sure !!

Ditto for T.J. Hill.

Let's see how the Als do against the Bombers next week at home with the Bombers coming off a short week of practice. If they make it a game against the Bombers and Cobourne plays as well as he did this week, then for sure he will have earned the spot, but the Ticats are not a measuring stick. Better to start the season with a win on the road as opposed to a loss at home like last year but lets not go overboard beating Marcel Bellefool and Danny Cretin.

Wise words.

Jury is still out on our O-line; let's face it, Winnipeg's front four is far more fearsome than Hamilton's, and Greg Marshall is one heck of a more competent defensive coordinator than Denny Creehan, and he's now got film of our offence to work with.

On the other side of the ball, Glenn is a less mobile QB than Printers, so this will be a good gauge of our pass rush...again because the Bombers' offensive line is superior to Hamilton's.

So this match will be a much better yardstick.

But............we WON, we were EFFICIENT, we were ENTERTAINING, and I didn't get to say that too often last year.

To be honest with you, you guys are not all that much better than us. You do have a few advantages though, an experienced team, and a good coach. You guys won last night because of your experience and your coaching staff, you sould think we would have the coaching advantage, but we don't. Congratulations on your win, and it looks like Trestman was quite the find.

Montreal looked good spread the ball around the field really well .Theyll be better than most thought. They werent as bad as most thought either. Just had an off year last year with Iggy Popp coaching.

Honestly, The TiCats first team offense couldn't muster more than a field goal in two quaters against a bunch of Bomber cuts. And Dinwiddie and a bunch of cuts on offense, moved the ball up and down the field on Hamiltons starting defense.

Hamilton is as bad as Montreal made them look.