Als. getting desperate????

…WOW …these sure don’t look like very solid moves to me orrrrr typical Popp moves…I think if I were a fan of the Als I’d be a little concerned…Three years to Arland Bruce…an ageing receiver …Bringing in Porter ( I guess McPhersen is about to fly the coop) who didn’t do squat in the hammer…The only signing worth anything is Parker who ‘may’ have a year left…Desperate times indeed in Mont. …They haven’t even secured a high-end quality o line guy like Perrett and they’re handing out cash to these retreads… Looks like lazy work by Popp to me…orrrrr ‘I don’t really care that much anymore’ attitude…You have to wonder if he’s been to the Taman school of ‘CFL IDIOCY’ and got some pointers… :roll:

…AND I see Cortez has signed on with the riders as o.c…Now I see this move as a good one by the green guys…I also have to give kudos to Cortez for taking a job when he could have sat on his laurels and collected a cheque…Maybe we’ll get lucky and Lapo will get employment somehwere and let us off the hook …I won’t hold my breath on that one though :lol:

No, papa, it isn’t desperation. It’s just Popp doing what he regularly does. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

Not the first time Montreal has picked up someone else’s QB. . . but for every Calvillo, there’s also a Cody Pickett and a Jason Maas. There’s no guarantee that Porter will break camp with the Als, nor is there any guarantee that Parker and/or Bruce will. Last year Popp picked up Aaron Hunt, Mark Restelli, and Rod Davis, with only Davis making the team.

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

....BUT why wouldn't you be working your tail off to secure your own fas. before signing 'speculation'...Fom what i hear, there wasn't much interest by anyone else in the league for these guys (maybe Parker)...Leaping on them as if they were high end commodities is a little curious...But we'll see how it all pans out... :roll: AND three years to Bruce...ouch..

Doesn’t mean a thing. . . if he doesn’t make the team, he doesn’t make the team and the 3 years are meaningless.

....meaningless cuz he most likely doesn;t have three years left in him ........Very odd...BUT if you guys think that's the way to go...We'll wait and see if these signings are worth anything or a waste of time... :roll: I think right about now Calvillo is probably scratching his head in wonderment :lol: ....????

Bruce will be the best of the three for them. I bet he'll get 1000+ this year if he stays healthy. The guy just knows the game, and I bet He and AC will be dangerous together. He's still athletic enough to get er done. He's no Richardson or Green, but where he lacks in Physicle performance, he gains in knowledge.

I doubt Parker cracks the starting line up.

as for Porter(if he succeeds) with wouldnt be the first time a bad QB has gone to Montreal only to look good.

...I would agree with you on Bruce, james...BUT...I noticed that Arland was starting to slow down quite a bit in leoland...especially after he got knocked senseless and suffered a severe concussion last year and was out of the line-up for quite awhile... (everyone likes to talk about Bucks but it can effect receivers as well :wink:) I don't think he's willing to go into heavy traffic, to make the tough catches like he used to... besides I know Buono and he has a penchant for predicting when a players best before date is due...Just my observation ... :roll:

And he proved that in spades when he let Pierce walk. :smiley:

Plenty of room on that training camp roster. they have three holes from last year that need to be plugged and these are the first three candidates. they were definetely short on CB and rec. As for Porter this I think is who Popp wants to replace Calivillo as he said at the press conference he has had Porter on his radar for awhile. Complete disaray in Hamilton the last few years and finally got some stability with Macel B and back to disaray in 2012

....I'm not going to disagree....Buck is who Buono thought he was...a talented guy, with the heart of a warrior and who, unfortunatley has a 'brittle' side'....Too good to let go though...He has attributes and intangibles that's hard to find...I'd still sign him and would've passed on Runako Reth... :wink:

Its up to the Als how they want to allocate their TC spots. Best case scenario is all three of those guys come to camp in shape, win roster spots, and contribute during the year. At worse, neither makes the team. But even if neither makes the team, having them around offers some advantages. Younger guys can learn from Parker who's been successful in the league. IMO Parker probably has the best shot at sticking, and the Als have shown they are willing to play a vet (see Hebert, Kyries). Having Bruce around may push the vets some and prevent them from becoming too complacent. I think he's probably the longest shot to stick as he is not likely to displace Richardson or Green at either of the top 2 slot back spots. At his best Bruce would be no better than their third best receiver.

As for Porter, he is getting a bit of a bum rap IMO and people are writing him off for the wrong reasons. He's got a bit of an arm and he can run. Has he developed into a starter during his time in Hamilton? No. But I wouldn't exactly point to Hamilton as being a hotbed of QB development. Danny Mac spent a long time as their starter in the last 20 years but he started as a back up here in Wpg, another 2 years as a backup in BC (yes 5 years total as a backup!), then 1 year as a starter in BC and 2 years as a starter in Edmonton before heading over to Hamilton. They've gone through Kevin Eakin, Printers, Timmy Chang, Porter. Glenn and Burris came from outside the organization. And Porter has had basically new coaches each of his years in the league which doesn't exactly help matters. The obvious comparison will be Calvillo blossoming after moving from Hamilton to Montreal. But they've also managed to turn a guy who has barely played in McPherson into one of the hotter FA commodities in the league. The Als lose nothing to see if they can resurrect some of the promise the 2008 and 2009 season Porter flashed in his time on the field. If they can't, they have an eraser - "Porter, you're cut, thanks for coming out". And frankly, Porter may not even make it to camp. I think a lot of that will depend on who is hired as HC and their preferences. He could be expendable if the incoming guy what's a different skill set. Say they hire Lapo - would he prefer to bring in, say Joey Elliott with whom he is familiar with already and may know his system better? If they hire Rene Chapdelaine for instance, could he convince Reilly to back up Calvillo for one year with the promise he'll get to take over next year? Still a lot to play out.

Rene Chapdelaine? His name is Jacques.

Yes it is Jacques. That's what I get for typing a football post while watching hockey. Rene was a hockey player once upon a time.

....I don't think Reilly would want to go anywhere where he doesn't have a legitimate chance to start immediately...He would have that chance in the Peg. IF the rumour is true and McPhersen has signed on with the schmoes, that would also be a negative in regards to Reilly signing there.....It certainly could come down to money ...incentives, length of contract etc. AND that's where i think the rubber hits the road...IF we can offer a better deal,than the others who may be trying to obtain his services, we should be successful in acquiring Reilly...Certainly there's a lot to play out, as you've stated...We'll have the answer shortly... :roll:

Als announced their new coaching staff today. Interestingly there are some former bomber ties there -

Mike Miller, who served last season as the Arizona Cardinals offensive co-ordinator, will be the Alouettes offensive head coach, offensive co-ordinator and quarterbacks coach.

The remainder of Hawkins' staff will be Noel Thorpe (defensive co-ordinator), Ray Rychleski (special-teams co-ordinator), Doug Berry (senior advisor to head coach), Jean-Marc Edme (defensive assistant, football operations assistant), Frank Verducci (offensive line coach), Mark Speckman (running backs coach), Erik Campbell (receivers coach), Keith Willis (defensive line coach), Mark Nelson (linebackers coach) and Ryan Dinwiddie (offensive quality control coach)

I find it somewhat interesting in that Hawkins as HC will also have and offensive HC, and a senior advisor to the HC. Maybe desperate to surround Hawkins with enough help so that although he may not turn out to be Trestman he doesn't end up an Andrus. Also interesting is that Hawkins will have a staff of 10 guys under him by my count, with Miller holding 3 titles. The bombers coaching staff is at 7 guys including Burke. No quality control, RB, or DB coaches here, at the moment anyways.

...They're throwing the dice and hoping that they're going to come-up with another Trestman...Maybe???Maybe not...I think Trestman (or brutus as he's known now) was a one-off...To have the success of a 'brutus' you would have to be 'exceedingly' fortunate... I hope they are patient and they might have to lower their expectations..We'll see... :roll:

Hawkins may or may not amount to much as the next Als coach, but credit Popp and Wetenhall for giving him a full staff and a mix of coaches that have CFL experience that can help him adjust to the game and to put him in the best position to succeed. Just pointing out in comparison, the bombers have a smaller staff at present comparatively, in fact they have the smallest coaching staff in the league.

Trestman had one too for his first two seasons in Joe Paopao. There is nothing new here, you just didn't know.

...I remember a club 2 years ago that 'loaded-up' on coaches...I can't recall the exact amount but a lot...It looked like the retirement club over there in Regina, with so many, that at times it looked like the keystone cops running into one another..They were not a successful team that year and the old adage 'too many chiefs and not enough tribes-people' orrrrr 'too many chefs spoil the broth' would've applied at the time...Filling your roster with coaches who have differing opinions on how to run things can be a negative....Having said that the Bombers do need a couple more as we seem a tad light in that dept...Failing that, one would suffice :wink:

The thing Papa is they were all hand picked and most of them desperately need for this to go off perfectly. Doug Berry has been waiting two years for an opportunity so has Hawkins. I think they've assembled a fine staff and I can wait to visit camp and see how these guys work. Really looking forward to hearing more about coach Speckman's story. Its pretty inspiring.

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