Als get the BOOT from the Argos

Those fabulous Argos put the boot the inept Als by the score of about 49 to 23.We Argos fans are loving it and we are now first place in the East to stay and we're still the Champions,my friend.
As soon as we reach the 60 mark we will show you guys some Mercy!.

please ignore him, not all Argos fans are idiots

Yup, it was a brutal game, I was there....and man did it hurted !

Congrats Argos !

What can I say more, DA picked our D apart and enjoyed every second of it...

You now have "Home Field" advantage...remember you are 0-3 at home vs Al's...and after a bye-week Argo's usually lose....

These are fact...not predictions :slight_smile:

Regular season stats, not playoff stats

Argos will spend the 2 weeks preparing for the aAls , hope they make it!

Homefield advantage doesn’t mean much for the Argos. I was at the Alouettes game in Toronto earlier this season and what it means is that when it’s 3rd down and the Argos have a chance to win everyone gets up and makes as much noise as they can. It was probably the only time in the game that anyone was standing up at the same time as I was.