ALS get QB Quincy Carter

uesday, April 4, 2006 - 04:00PM

Former Dallas Cowboys’ and New York Jets’ starting quarterback Quincy Carter will be at the Montreal Alouettes training camp in May.

Montreal Alouettes vice president and general manager Jim Popp announced today that the 28-year-old quarterback has signed a one-year contract plus an option with the organization.

‘’I’m proud to join the Montreal Alouettes," said Quincy Carter. ‘’This is a great opportunity for me to do what I love best, which is to play football."

Carter (6’2’’, 225 lbs.) was chosen by the Dallas Cowboys in the second round of the 2001 NFL draft. In eight starts that year, Carter completed 90 of 176 passes for 1,072 yards, seven interceptions and five touchdowns. He had his best season in 2003, starting every game for the Cowboys and completing 292 of 505 passes for 3,302 yards, 21 interceptions and 17 touchdowns. He went to the New York Jets in 2004, playing seven games.

Over four years in the NFL, Carter completed 56.5 per cent of his passes (542 of 960) for 6,337 yards, 37 interceptions and 32 touchdowns.

At the University of Georgia, Carter completed 483 of 853 passes for 6,447 yards, 25 interceptions and 35 touchdowns.

Carter will be available for interviews upon his arrival in Montreal for the beginning of training camp.

This is a pretty big signing for the Als. Would he be competing for backup with Brady, or will he be challenging Calvillo for the starting job?

dang, maybe montreal can hand some of there QB's to us.

I doubt he would be compeating for Calvillo job unless he does something unbelievable in the pre-season like throwing for 800 yards

Where the heck was Shivers? Oh ya Keno!

lol im not sask im Winnipeg.

I find it absolutely hilarious that as soon as someone complains about quarterbacking now they're automatically branded a Rider fan.....sorry you had to get lumped in with us, there Hall....

lol no prob. JM, I bet it gets annoying

.....meh, I can't complain.....I whine about not having a QB as much as the next guy.....girl.....whatever.....

Oh how the mighty have fallen...........from starting qb for americas team to third string in the CFL, where is that Bills guy who thinks the NFL is so superior now.........

Well the games are both different, and NFL players have to get use to the rules the CFL has, and vice-versa.

White is still available!

and white is.......?.......and btw, Sask could always go with khari jones!

No. 'Nuff said.

the riders could pu both white and khari to go along with crandell and greene............oh that is so pathetic.........

The Al's are making some off season noise in the QB dep't. Cavillo, Brady, and now with Carter they have undoubtedly the best QB's in the CFL. I honestly think that there will be a QB controversy in Montreal. Don Matthews will have a tough choice, reminds me of Brady or Bledsoe in New England. I think the future is Carter, and Cavillo has to nervous about his starting job.

Time will tell if Matthews will stay loyal to Cavillo, or will he go with a younger more athletic Carter. Training camp should be interesting.

:lol: LMAO PIGGY!!!!

Way to early for AC to start worrying!
To be honest I never heard of Carter but then again I dont follwo the NFL.

Carter has yet to even hold a CFL ball and we all know there have been a few NFL QBs who could not cut it in the CFL. I also noticed his TD/INT ratio is not that great 32/37 it could be a problem up here

Apparently, Quincy Carter is not wanted in the NFL anymore because he likes powdered sugar a bit too much… those damn donuts…

Hard to understand how we can end up with so many QBs now when all we had for backups in the last four years were Tavares Bolden and Ted White.

.......he also hates Tuna fish........