Als get a private jet

Is $1000 the so-called rack air-rate? ie. the rate by which airlines post as their maximum rate for minimal lead time booking?

If so I suspect the rates by which airlines charge teams are calculated at various discount schedules, especially if one airline is granted the right to be the official CFL carrier.

CFL teams (and the league) employ travel planners amongst their office staff. These folks are charged with arranging flights, hotels, food services and other ancillary services teams require. So I suspect most air tickets are discounted anywhere from 15% to 40% depending on lead time provided and expected payment time on invoices (ie. 5 days, 30 days, 60 days, etc.). Same principle holds for hotel rooms. In fact many teams will shop for hotels that are willing to contra (aka trade) hotel space for promotion on the team's radio broadcasts, team programs, home game announcements, etc.

Yup. And multiple teams do this. BC has for some time. The uniqueness is essentially keeping the same plane and having team colors...which is probably a CFL first and pretty sweet. They are essentially leasing a plane vs chartering...which is what other tams do.

Cheapest round trip summer flights Tango... is 850.00 average Economy price is 2400.00

The Alouettes become the first team in the CFL to have it’s own plane, as the same Boeing 737-300 airplane will be specially configured to accommodate the entire team, as well as all the necessary equipment for the team’s road games.

The team will travel on Alouettes-themed plane for all if its away games, excluding the one in Ottawa. The organization is able to choose its departure times travelling to and from each city, which is an undeniable advantage for the team’s weekly preparation.
“As part of this partnership with the Alouettes, our team modified the configuration of the seats on our Boeing 737-300, making it ideal for sports teams. The Alouettes can count on Nolinor Aviation to receive a personalized chartered flight service every step of the way,? declared Nolinor Aviation Vice-President Marco Prud’Homme.

Definitely a huge advantage, especially for those long flights to Alberta and BC
I can see all CFL teams asking their carriers for a similar service

While I'll agree having the sponsor tie-in makes this venture worthwhile, the cost of charter vs. commercial alone makes it more expensive.

Working with group sales with airlines, a charter only works out better if you're selling at around 90% of the available seats vs. commercial.

Cost of chartering a plane the size of a 737 is around 20K per hour give our take so return flight to Toronto would be around 40K. So even dividing that by 75 it's still 533.00 per person. Taxes and surcharges per person are still added in addition so the fare it's closer to the 600.00 pp range.

Even with additional baggage and other frees airlines gouge these days, commercial is still much less especially in a major city with more options. There may be some savings with hotels but depending on the lease at various airports, charter may not permit a departure past a specific time so they're forced to stay overnight anyways. Pinning Jello to a wall can be more straight forward than these travel contracts.

But if the plane gets subleaesed while the team is not using it, it's possible the Als can get a cut of the rental fee and it could be a small revenue boost.

This is the plane they used last year for the fan flight to Hamilton


According to the article Kevin posted the Als are the first to have their own plane for away games.

As far as other CFL teams? After the United Airlines debacle a month or so again where passengers where 4 seated passengers were bumped to make room for on-call flight employees I can just see it now:

BC Lions game against the Argos postponed! Reason? Several players were asked to de-plane to make room for on-call crew members who had tickets to the game!

I'm not even sure how you fit professional football players (the big ones) on a Tango flight. Probably would be more comfortable in the luggage bay.

Another small savings for the team will be paying the per diem for each player of IIRC $115 each.

Looking at the players, 46 + practice roster of 10 and any IR players that may travel with the team along with probably 30 coaches, trainers, spotters, medical staff and equipment staff, a team could easily be looking at upwards of 90 individuals.

Winning is the goal of all teams and travel sometimes plays havoc with a teams schedule and having their own charter allows for them to sit comfortably and not have to go through airport security and have their own schedule instead of being at the mercy of flying commercial.

If a team has a game on Saturday, they fly out Friday at a time to arrive to meet the media obligations and fly directly home after the game.

Its a great idea and good for the Als.

This certainly could give them a competitive advantage on the road instead of the rigors of flying commercial.

Practice roster players along with players on IR definitely don't travel with CFL teams. 30 coaches? More 11 or 12. Generally speaking, no more than 75 persons, including members of the media, do travel with CFL teams.


I read the plane will be configured for 70 passengers. That's luxury travel compared to Tango contortion torture devices and microwaved Tim Horton sandwiches.

The number 30 included coaches, trainers, medical staff, equipment staff if you care to read just a bit more carefully.

As for PR players........what happens if someone gets hurt or sick, so yes teams do take PR players and IR players especially the star players do travel. A prime example is if a QB is injured and he is often shown on the sidelines working with the other QBs.

Hope that explains everything more clearly for you Dick.

Bare bones,

46 players
10 coaching staff
1 GM
12 Support Staff, (Equipment, video,therapists)
1 Doctor

70 seems pretty light.

A full economy is 130 seats, full VIP is 44 seats so this is right in the middle so my guess is two wide instead of three but probably not full reclining loungers but 70 business class width seats with a some leg room is quite nice . RO would know.

I think your getting your Jets ownership eras mixed up :lol:

On another note, does this airline offer regular flights too? Cause Grey Cup flights on the "big 2" are getting ridiculous.

Expensive and none competitive advantage. This will change as revenue lowers.

But other teams are chartering aircraft too. They won't have an advantage over Ottawa since is chartering too and flying to games on the road except Montreal. The Als won't be flying to Ottawa either, they will be on the train.

The team could save per diem, hotels too, by flying in the day of the game and flying out after the game, no need to hang around the next day waiting for a scheduled flight. :slight_smile:

Will not argue the Montreal-Toronto run figure you have.
But Montreal to anywhere out west (Saskatchewan through BC), not sure about $300 a flight. I could be wrong but double that figure would be more in line.
If not, please let me know.