Als get a private jet

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That's great, other teams do it too. Ottawa uses Canada North not sure about the Ticats and Argos.
It's cheaper than booking 50 plus players/coaches on regular scheduled flights.

I thought all teams used private charters when flying. I can't imagine teams relying on booking on commercial flying for this many bodies. Perhaps this is more customised?

According to the article. The Als are the only team that are using a private charter.

The Alouettes become the first team in the CFL to have it’s own plane, as the same Boeing 737-300 airplane will be specially configured to accommodate the entire team, as well as all the necessary equipment for the team’s road games.
Other teams must be using commercial and from my background in group travel that have compared charter and commercial, there is no way a private charter is less than 50 pax flying commercial. A cross continental charter on a 737 will be 6 figures easily and that's before taxes, fuel surcharges etc...

Articles can be wrong. I’m sure that Ottawa uses charter aircraft too, they were using Canada North last year.
But probably not a full time dedicated aircraft for the team.

Team explained that the deal with Nolitour will basically give the team the same aircraft for the entire contract. That it will carry the team's colours and logos and the interior layout will be configured specifically for the team.

That's how it stands out according to the team.

Well done. Must be some savings or they wouldn`t do it.

Likely got a good deal but it does show that teams in the league are doing better than most people think. Tough no where near the riches of the big 4. Getting a charter plan for at most 8 road games shows there is $$ available to invest.

Nolitour is a sponsor. Probably some in kind arrangement.

Welcome to the 1990's for sport team travel, Als. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for all teams moving forward. :thup: Sport teams shouldn't be flying commercial with everyone else these days., good for the Als to strike up this partnership...certainly economics are important, but so is winning and if your team shows up a little better rested and ready then why not go this route...

There's marginal upside the players of a CFL team in a charter, even with Montreal being on the "far right" of all teams which would not necessarily mean more travel miles but certainly longer trips. It's more critical for other sports who need to "getaway" so they can play the next day or day after to get to the next town teams are almost always going home and the players have the whole week to rest up.

Given it's a charter I'll assume they team will now fly home immediately after all games, saving a night of hotel (and fun for the players), even if it means arriving at 4am on what will essentially be a red eye flight. A charter would certainly allow some of the larger players a bit of room which is always a positive if you're over six feet tall and weigh more than 180 lbs, which most planes seem formatted for. I played University ball back in the 70's and always chuckled when 40 players, some pretty big, squeezed into some of those DC-9's....the other passengers' eyes would widen as the team approached the gate wondering if the plane could handle the load....and that was 40 years ago when players were generally smaller.

Pros and cons of course but for most CFL teams watching their pennies, charters will probably remain the exception, not the rule.

Even so, it's a huge savings.

Probably worth 300k to 500k a year.

Maybe I’m reading thing wrong but I hope nobody here is trying to suggest that using a private charter as opposed to commercial is actually saving the team money?

Unless the Als have a reserve of jet fuel under Molson Stadium or they have a licensed pilot or two employed or their paying next to nothing to use the plane there’s no way I see it possible.

Otherwise, why wouldn’t have every team tried to use one when the league was nearly out of business in the 90s?

A charter deal with a company in return for sponsorship could potentially save a team some cash. Assuming a team spends what, $30,000 cash on the average return trip ($400 x 75 seats) that's roughly $300,000 for the year (low probably, but just for the sake of argument) in "basic" team travel. So most CFL teams have a wide variety of corporate sponsorship packages ranging in price from $5,000 to $250,000 that include, tickets, spiffs, exposure at the park in programmes, other marketing/advertising and even jersey patches so maybe this air carrier gets a whole bunch of that kind of value and some cash in exchange for flights...could be a good deal for both.

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Another nicety is they have extra space they can offer the team's beat guys to travel to away games at no expense to their employers. That would help coverage.

Think this is a great idea. Obviously the Als new "carrier" was sold on the idea of subsidized sponsorship of the team so that the amount the Als spend on air travel is around the same (or slightly more for the convenience) as flying commercial - with all the waits, inspections, crying children, crying adults (some rider fans have learned how to buy air travel).
Winnipeg Jets have their own charter aircraft but obviously there are mediocre players on the Jets paid more than the bombers entire player budget. (a little hobo named Tobias Enstrom gets $5.1 million guaranteed which is more than the bombers budget)
David Thompson, the Toronto based billionaire is also partners with Mark Shenkarow in the Jets so his heft allows the Jets to use a charter aircraft! :cowboy:

A flight from Montreal runs around 300$ Multiply that for 75 people and you are at 22,500
Then figure it’s a night game that finishes at 10:30 players gotta shower change eat, and its now too late for a flight home so they have to put up those 75 people in a hotel for the night so you are talking another 7500 bucks

A 737-300 burns about 750 gallons of Jet A1 fuel an hour
At roughly 4 bucks a gallon that’s 3000$ an hour so a return Montreal Toronto flight will cost about 6000 for fuel. Now lets say they triple that to cover pilots and fight attendants and maintenance so we are at 18,000
18,000 compared to 30,000….And that is if they triple the price..could be double or maybe even at cost in exchange for advertising and what not….

A 737 holds 135 people, they have 60 empty seats but due to the size of the players and the amount of equipment they have to bring....lets say 25... They can offer that to fans and bring in a few bucks more

Yeah they are saving money

Come to think of it...Last year for the final game of the season in Hamilton, they had 50 seats available on a charter that they sold for 350$ That's 17,500. For every game they do that, it pretty much costs the team nothing

Yeah they are saving money

That's on a Toronto Flight. On a BC flight, tickets are 1000.00