Als Get A Private Jet!

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I think this is pretty positive news and makes up somewhat for the practice field challenges the team has.

I know some CFL teams have offered travel packages for fans to attend road games travelling on the same charter as the team. Perhaps an option for the future.

That's a sweet perk! Considering the ridiculous seating configuration of regional jets. Can you imagine a 6.6 320 pound man sitting in economy on a Tango flight. Probably more painful than playing the game.

Too bad its a 737 and not a CS300

Maybe this means more fan planes

How long until someone cries that it should be part of the salary cap

Fans not other teams

I'm sure some Rider fans have already come up with it :lol:

Ill post it in the main forum

Last year's fan plane

Wow, looks like a full plane. Hope the players didn`t have to fly commercial. :smiley:

I just bought my tickets for the fan plane game to Toronto Aug 19th Ill let you know what it was like

This is nice, but a regular practice field would be better.

What's up y'all. It's been awhile!

The fan plane is this Saturday. Who's going? I am (ro1313, Lestaf and his wife are too). It was a great time last year and I highly recommend it. I managed to get almost all of the players and coaching staff to sign my bass drum head which was proudly displayed at Les Gars Qui Vivent Grey Cup tailgate party last year in Toronto.

For those of you who went last year, my sincerest apologies. I'm the guy you waited for on the tarmackin Mirabel:-. First round of drinks are on me (I owe you that at the very least).haha. I promise not to be late this year. Believe me, I heard it from the good folks at the Alouettes front office this morning.

Cheers and see you Saturday.

Le Chugg

Enjoy and have fun flying the friendly skies.
Share the pictures!

SO that's why the email I got yesterday said....."We wont wait for you if you are late"

As a long time bus driver once said many many years ago, "If you are not here when we leave, make sure you have a camera to take a picture of the back of the bus".

Just a reminder that there is no tailgate this weekend because of the CNE, no $4 beers!!

... et pas de smoked meat à la place des hots-dogs. :frowning: :wink:

No smoked meat but the included lunch at the tunnel club looks good

Menu at BMO Field’s Tunnel Club

  • Pull pork sandwiches
  • BBQ sausages
  • Chicken breast with salsa panni
  • Homestyle slaw
  • Roasted corn on cob
  • Apple cobbler
  • Domestic beers
  • Cooler

Did the team stay on the plane?! :-[