Al's game

I’m an Eskimo’s fan, as such I don’t care if the Argo’s win or not. That said I think you guy’s got screwed in the Al’s game. It never ceases to amaze me the ridiculous number of uncalled holding penalties on their O-line, only surpassed by the uncalled holding/interference penalties on their defence. Game after game for at least 3 seasons, the same uncalled crap, which I’m more than a little tired of seeing.When this game was still up for grabs any one of 5 blatant penalties missed by the ref’s may have turned the tide. Again I say MAY have not would have, guess we’ll never know.

The reffing was bull-kaka for both sides. My Als got victimized a number of times by phantom unnecessary roughness penalties that extended drives.

Not really starting off well on this forum. 15 posts in and it seems like you think the refs are biased towards the Als. But then again, the first place team in the league always is the target for these kind of theories.

Toronto was never in the game. Sorry Argo fans. But I don't think these penalties would of done a difference, because 0 points on the scoreboard, won't win you games.

YES, It is true, zero can definetly not give you a win, but you can get a tie!

You got a good point. :smiley: