Al's Game Tickets on Sale Today !

For those of you, who wants to see your team vs the Al's @ McGill/Molson Stadium....Edmonton Game in October is @ Big O !

The game tickets are on sale today starting at 12:00 EST on Admission site:


Too bad the Bombers aren't playing the Al's at the Big O, and I wonder why cuz we play you give 4 times to Edmonton's 2, and we maybe getting a new stadium like the Big O.


You play Montreal more because they are in your division.

KK, they pitted Edmonton against Montreal for the game at the Big O because its a Grey Cup rematch, which is a better seller than a WPG/MTL game.

If they get a playoff game this year in Montreal, are they going to have it at Molson Stadium or the Big O? Anyone know?

likly the Big O I would think Earl.

ok, I'll go with that.

Big O. The Als never lose an occasion to snatch some dollars.

Even if the attendance was very poor for the SSK/MON semi final game last season.

God knows that the Al's will need the money, for more reasons than one.

Attendance wasn't poor. It was below what they got the previous years, but 45 000 is still pretty good.

looked a lot less than that.

Your TV screen is too small.

are you sure that you numbers are right? I thought thay said that it was 30,000 that were there.

It was 31,199

Yeah, it's cause it was a Semi game and NOT a final like we're used to.

Montreal is one fickle town... we're lucky we win every year.

The Big O to the Als is more of a Cash Cow than a football game.

A semifinal yes, but a bit of a punishment for the lousy performance against the Argos the week before!

Yeah. We pay 75$ for crappy seats while the Als get hammered by Toronto and they call it Fan Day. But hey, at least we got a “I love eggs” towel.

God those Ghetto Promos were so annoying.
Egg towels
Egg foam hats
Egg Waterbottles
Egg Hats

GEEZ they could have just BROUGH Eggs and made some omlettes for everyone instead. At least it be usefull and taste :smiley:

PS: 3rd... Can't wait for the season to start!

lol... I thought you'd say "They could have just brought eggs so we could have shown the Alouettes just how we appreciated their performance". :stuck_out_tongue:

Can't wait either, buddy... Only a month to go.

I didnt get an I Love Eggs towel!