Als Free Agents

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The key ones are Bourke, Emry, Parker, LBJ, Brouillette, Ola and Hebert, although from the story Hebert doesn`t seem to be a priority.

And in the middle of the story Herb says special teams coach Rychleski expected back.

Look at the list and most if not all are guys who want to be in Montreal. Kind of nice not to have to protect them. :wink:

Not too different from whom we expected to be potential free agents. I thought that Aaron Lavarias,Moton Hopkins and Bear Woods were potential free agents.

I am of the opinion that some potential free agents will be re-signed before December 9,2013; to me, they include: Josh Bourke,Luc Brodeur-Jourdain and Shea Emry,all players that should be protected in round 2 of the expansion draft. Will still be protected if not signed; Jim Popp will not try to re-sign players that won't be protected in rounds 1 and 2 of the expansion draft. These include: Alan-Michael Cash,Noel Devine,Ed Gainey and Marc-Olivier Brouillette

I don't expect potential free agents Michael Carter,Noel Devine, Curtis Dublanko,Brian Ridgeway-retirement?- and Sean Whyte back with the Als in 2014.


A lot depends on how much money if any is left from this year's SMS. Toronto media reports that Troy Smith was making 525 000 dollars. (I don't believe it myself) but we don't know since the salaries are hidden.

That figure for Smith was later clarified by the reporter that it was his NFL salary. No way he could be making that here so fast.

Thanks, Montreal reports were saying 140k which makes more sense. Also means the Als would want to extend him at least a year if he's going to be the number one guy in camp.

THe CFL has released the list of 2014 potential free agents. Herb's list was correct. The list does include retired players and suspended players. For the Als these players are: J.P. Bekasiak and Rafael Priest.

Amongst these CFL players, the one that I would most likely wish to see with the Als is: NIP DT Ted Laurent of Edmonton. Chris Jones will definitely do the outmost to re-sign him. NIP K Chris Melo is also an interesting player.

I don't recall a year where there were so many potential free agents. The REDBLACKS won't have too many top players to choose,should they exclude selections of potential free agents. The 2014 potential QB free agents are:Josh Neiswander of the Als, Zach Collaros of the Argos,Henry Burris of the Tiger-Cats, Drew Willy of the Riders and Matt Nichols of the Eskimos.


Morreala asked the potential free agents not to sign any contracts until they sign a new bargaining agreement.

It actually benefits both the team and the player if he doesn`t sign.

The team gets to protect extra players, and the player by not signing doesnt risk being selected by an expansion team he probably doesnt want to play for.

Based on the list released by the CFL,there are 113 2014 potential free agents; this number excludes retired and suspended players.

While I do agree that there may not be too many re-signings before the december 16,2013 expansion draft, asking the players to not re-sign or sign with another team until a collective agreement is signed is quite stupid/insane by the Players Association. Most 2014 potential free agents will re-sign/sign long before a collective agreement is agreed.


That`s what Darren Gill said this morning on TSN 690.

Since we haven't had an expansion draft in a long time, how does the FA list affect the players each team will protect? FA players could conceivably agree to terms with their current teams. If a player opts for FA, does that make him automatically available for the Red Blacks (I still think that's a terrible name!) and/or do they (Ottawa) automatically have first choice?

Players are under contract until February, so they are Als property at the time of the expansion draft and Ottawa can select them if they wish. But the unknown is whether Ottawa wants to risk wasting a selection on a player who can wait until February and then sign wherever they want, even Ottawa (which would mean they could have selected a player under contract and then signed the UFA).

He wants to be paid. :cowboy:

Martin Bédard à garder, mais pas indispensable
Josh Bourke indispensable
Luc Brodeur-Jourdain indispensable
Marc-Olivier Brouillette à garder, mais pas indispensable
Michael Carter peut partir
Alan-Michael Cash peut partir
Noel Devine devrait partir
Curtis Dublanko peut partir
Shea Emry indispensable
Ed Gainey à garder, mais pas indispensable
Kyries Hebert à garder, mais pas indispensable
Josh Neiswander devrait partir
Michael Ola à garder, mais pas indispensable
Billy Parker indispensable
Brian Ridgeway peut partir
Daryl Townsend indispensable
Sean Whyte indispensable

Vraiment ce que tu penses LeStaf? Daryl Townsend et Sean Whyte indispensables! Peuvent partir,quant à moi.


Comme toi, je crois que Ridgeway ne reviendra pas. Il est également possible que Hebert ne revienne pas. Ceci laisserait un trou sur les unités spéciales, là où Townsend excelle. En gardant Townsend, on garde un excellent élément sur l'unité de couverture des bottés.

Whyte, c'est une pointe d'ironie... Mais c'est un foutu bon gars, et je lui souhaite d'avoir un poste qu'il apprécie en 2014.

Merci LeStaf. Très logique.