Als fourth quarter seals come-from-behind win over Ticats

HAMILTON – At the tight top of the East Division standings, the Montreal Alouettes took a step towards the top on Saturday night.

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That epic 4th quarter collapse by Hamilton was a stunner with 18 unanswered points scored by an injured Cody Fajardo.

What the heck happened to Hamilton’s offense in that second half?

It is a poorly stuffed and wet paper tiger, Max.

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If the Als couldnt beat a 4th string QB, they deserved to walk back to Montreal. An easy win for the Als without even working up a sweat.

This was a close game - one that Hamilton should have won. This team needs to understand that it takes a full 60 minutes of effort to win - this falling asleep in the last quarter just doesn’t cut it. BTW - why wasn’t that roughing the kicker penalty challenged? It was the turning point in the game - from what I saw the Hamilton player was pushed from behind and fell down in front of the kicker - then the kicker took a swan dive to draw the penalty. In my opinion the refs made a huge error, left unchallenged.

They couldn’t. They challenged a pass interference call in 1st Q and lost it. No more red flag and lost a timeout.

Hamilton’s O got shut down by the Al’s D

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A lot of changes need to be made in Hamilton from top to bottom

C’mon guys, we play three downs, not three quarters.

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Montreal made adjustments at halftime and Hamilton didn’t. Plus, quite a few stupid penalties, one after the other.

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Don’t kid yourself, the Cat’s management failed before the season began with poor money management and coaches that have seen better days. Bo Levi and Coaches gotta go or else the fans will surely see and experience the same stink in 2024. Go Cats. Haha

Let’s face it, Hamilton was not going to win this one; ever.

Their three wins were over:

  • Ottawa, after Masoli went down. Not by a big margin.
  • Edmonton, basically a corpse, and the only team with a worse points for/against. Not by a big margin.
  • Ottawa, somehow going to sleep and giving it away. Not by a big margin.

There is a pattern, not a good one. Next week is a by, Week 11 against Edmonton, so maybe a win. After that their prospects are overall bleak.