Als forever !!!

I have been an Als fan for 40 years. I love this team.
It has been a way of life & part of my family culture. This team had an amazing season.
Congrats to Marc Trestman for his work pulling the team together.
To Anthony Calvillo... Thanks for your hard work this season & good luck
to you & your family. Glad to hear that your wife is feeling better. Please
stay with the team next year. We need you. When you finally decide to retire
I hope you will stay on as trainer. Our young quarterbacks could sure use
your help & experience. To Bryan Chiu... Thanks for what you have accomplished
this season. This is the best offensive line in the league & I hope you're there
again next year. Also thanks for training my son at the junior Als camp this year
we will never forget you. Anyone who criticizes this team after a season
like this has never been out on the field, has never taken a hit & is not a true Als fan.
The hardest thing for me right now is having to wait 6 months for the next Als game.
See you all next year.