AL'S for Sale

Report on Toronto Radio is the Al's are for sale, and the current owners ex NFL partner MR Kraft ( who owners the NFL Patriots) is looking to purchase the team, is this true

As long as its not MLS so that we dont end up having loser Toronto franchises like the Leafs, Raptors, and Toronto FC!

I guess that`s why you have nothing else to do.

You even have losers on Toronto Radio - Krystal didn`t last 3 months on the FAN!

Aussi vrai que je mets mes bobettes par dessus mes pantalons et que ma grand-mère est Jacques Rougeau. J'te jure!

I doubt this very much. There are a number of interested people in Montreal who have already made known their interest in purchasing the Als. But Doctor Wettenhaul's seems a little frail in recent times, maybe his sons are not interested or desire owning a football team in Canada...