ALs Fire Kavis Reed

After two straight wins…

Boom. Is Kavis illustrious career of stealing paychecks from gullible management finally over ?

I guess they should never have won two games in a row. :o

Didnt see that coming ! Eyes roll! :slight_smile:

If you followed the team, you wouldn’t be surprised. Reed has been a disaster for the franchise. This might well have been done at the behest of new owners, too.

It’s not the move, but the timing.

I thought the same thing, but again, if new ownership is imminent – and there are plenty of indications out of Montreal that it could be – then the timing makes sense. New owners want Kavis out now and the team is complying.

Argoland also needs to clean house they are a total mess

Wonder if this means the new owners don’t have to pay him out. And the league will assume it.

As part of the greater deal.

Could be. It would certainly not be a big loss for the league to take on (Kavis’s one year of salary remaining).

Don’t jump on the Als bandwagon over two wins.

Against us, we shot ourselves in the foot repeatedly, and our D mailed it in.

Against Ottawa, Stanback was a non-factor, because the Redblacks gameplanned for him due to film. The rest of the league will do the same going forward for Stanback, and other new, productive Montreal contributors like Quan Bray. And Vernon Adams himself admitted after the Ottawa game that he played better than he thought he could (i.e. he will fall back down to Earth soon).

Under Reed, Montreal has been terrible.

And let’s not forget about the Manziel trade.

Joe Mack will be next to get the axe, after a new owner buys the team, and appoints a new GM.

I hope Barker doesn’t leave Hamilton for that job.

I met Kavis Reed when he was a Defensive Coach for Ti- Cats .

When you get on his wrong side he was bull headed ,let’s just say , not the kind of person to be a GM.

Hope any new owners of All hire some CFL people , not NFL & AFL types for the sake of the league.

Stanback rushed 18 times for 100 yards and a 5.6 average against Ottawa’s defense, which ranks high against the run. Wouldn’t call that a “non-factor.”

Both Barker and Tillman will probably get interviewed and of course Danny Maciocia.
Giving the keys to Joe Mack is puzzling. :o

Montreal is also just one game away from a bye week.

Kavis had the same record as Hufnagel this season at 2-2.

So what’s the problem? :wink: ;D

Relative to what Stanback did to us last week, he was a non factor.?

If you can’t take a team seriously after they beat the snot out you, when will you take them seriously?

IMO, the Als needed a scapegoat. Popp left them decimated, and Reed did not have the experience or contacts to re-stock. New owners, when they come, would probably prefer a clean slate, and avoid having to clean up any messes. Too bad for Reed, but the writing has been on the wall.

You’re right, Stanback didn’t rack up 200 yards and multiple TDs on the ground against Ottawa. But that kind of performance doesn’t happen every day. He was still effective against Ottawa, though, to the tune of 100 yards, 18 carries, and a 5.6 yard average. His effectiveness also helped Adams run and throw, since Ottawa had to respect Stanback by putting players in the box. Again, not a “non-factor.”

Anyway, I was just replying to the person who said Stanback was a non-factor and to discount the Als’ two wins. Yes, the jury is still out on us as a team, but the Als did a lot of things right in the Ottawa win. The defense stepped up in a big way, and that’s a change in the right direction.

After the moves they’ve made this year, would it be any more surprising if they held an annual team dinner banquet during the second quarter of their next home game?