Als Fine Duron Carter; S.J. Green is 6-Gamed

S.J. Green is supposed to be on the 6-Game Injured List, but he is not listed there on the Website Roster. Tyrell Sutton is, but not Green. Also missing from site is Jessie Joseph who himself has had 2 major injuries.

Just to be clear, Green was among those on the 6-Game list for about a day before being removed.

[i]Were getting nothing on kick returns! When Logan catches the ball, he is surrounded by opposing players. It looks like the blocking is no good, rather than Logan having lost a step.

Vercheval made a good point during the game. He said Dominique Ellis was great at taking the lead to form "the wall" on returns. It seems he has not been adequately replaced. Reed needs to fix this ASAP! [/i]

[i]OOOHHH! Hamilton's finest is in the house! :smiley: Forget old retreads, we have promising young receivers on the PR; Cunningham and Louks.

Nik Lewis has aged, but he is still very effective as a possession receiver, move the chains kind of guy. [/i]

From Didier Orméjuste:

Popp on Green's injury: "It's really unfortunate. Others like Cunningham will have an opportunity. Next man up."

Popp on Carter: "None of it would have happened if he didn't go to their sideline. He did something that hurt our team, especially after losing S.J. We paid him to perform not to get penalties. I'm not the league. I would be disappointed if he's suspended. I don't think he should have been kicked out."

If they suspend him, the same punishment should go to Campbell. This thing about coaches constantly stepping on the field has no business. I've lost count how many times officials have to push people back. Should be an automatic penalty.

Agreed. No lives were lost here, no injuries suffered. I don’t think Carter deserves the suspension. He was already ejected, which cost us any chance of coming back in that game, and he’s been fined by his own team. Fine Campbell and move on.

I expect that Duron will be suspended 1 game and Campbell fined. Gavins of Ottawa could also be suspended 1 game and a few more should be fined.


Green was our best receiver last year, he wasn't the league's best.

Good for Popp. Campbell embellished, but I am glad to see Jim publicly taking Carter to the woodshed. He's not advocating for a suspension but he is making it damn clear that he is not happy with Carter. If Carter doesn't get it from here on in, he has rocks for brains...

Yes...good response by Popp although I'm sure his tongue was in cheek when he said he didn't think he should have been tossed. Trying to limit future damage I suppose.

I'd be curious if the owner was at their meeting. That would have been very effective. I'm sure his voice was heard whether in attendance or not. Carter is on a slippery slope that could (maybe already has finally) cost him millions as far as NFL aspirations. I know Trestman was there, now OC of Baltimore. Can't have made a good impression. But by now the film of it has been seen by everyone in the NFL.

I do wish Carter would stand up and issue an apology to team and league. It's kind of loud with his silence on that front.

I guess we should all keep in mind Austin bumped an opposing player last year with no suspension.

Every one on the planet has seen that clip. It was one YouTube and every sports station in the country within hours of the game. Safe to say every nfl gm has watched

Exactly. You should see all the hysteria in the Hamilton forum. Some of them legitimately wish that a player takes out Duron Carter with a career-ending injury for a stupid non-lethal non-injuring bump ... as if their coach didn't do exactly the same thing last year with no suspension. :lol:

That seems a bit excessive . It was a stupid move but hardly a vicious hit

It’s crazy. I hope none of those people are in charge of anything important. Like, you stepped on my toe, so let me put you in the hospital with aggravated assault?! This is how they think justice and retribution should work? LMAO

I'm not giving Carter any reasonable doubt here....but as soon as I saw the catch, the hit to the head and the head hit the turf..I thought Concussion.
Again the throw was into the hit. Precision should have been 2-3 feet lower.

Yep. Glenn had better work with Calvillo on his mechanics during the bye week, because he has been far from accurate thus far and he's going to get the rest of our receivers killed one by one if he keeps making these kinds of passes. That's actually the biggest case for Cato seeing the field (beyond the fact that Cato has looked great this year any time he's played) -- the undeniable fact that Cato throws a tighter, more accurate spiral than Glenn pretty much to every corner of the field. (especially the deep balls and the sideline throws)

Most of glenn throws seem to put the recievers in jeopardy. He never leads them to an opening .all his throws either string the recievers up or lead them directly to a defender. If I was a recievers I'd be having a chat with him about it

Kevin Glenn is a serviceable player, but he hasn't ever been great. He had a couple of really good years a while back, but his career stats as a top CFL QB are due to longevity. You can't begin to argue that he is on the same level as the guys he shares those leaderboards with.

Exactly! Campbell didn't go to the hospital afterwards! He gently let himself fall on his arse. He'll live.

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