Als Fine Duron Carter; S.J. Green is 6-Gamed

from team release:

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Well, if there is any good news to come out of this, it's the last line of that release, maybe? I know it's hard to gauge injury, but if they really think it will take a few weeks to "rehab" the injury, it can't be an ACL or MCL tear! Hoping against hope here.

We all know the fine by the Als was a preemptive move hoping to show the league that the team can police itself. Als are hoping that their action results in a lesser penalty on Carter.

Question now becomes what will the Als do now that Green is injured. Will they just insert B.J. Cunningham and run the same offense? Or, will they try going with Chandler Jones or Corbin Louks who are smaller and then try to spread the field more? Will the Als sign another receiver? If so, will it be somebody they recently cut or somebody new?

From Herb Zurkowsky:

If Duron Carter’s seeking an ally in the Alouettes’ dressing room following his ejection Thursday night, he need look no further than slotback Nik Lewis — a bombastic, controversial, yet entertaining, figure over 12 Canadian Football League seasons.

“It comes down to emotions, and I’m the one person that, you know, has been there. I’ve played on the edge most of my career,? Lewis said. “Being young, it’s different and you learn.

“He’s not the same player if he’s not playing on the edge. We need him to be on the edge, but maybe pull back a little. Still, I love the way he plays, his energy. I know because I’ve been there.?

Reaction among Carter’s teammates was mixed. “I thought what he did was selfish, childish and completely uncalled for,? said one player. But another said: “From what I know of Carter, he never means any harm from his actions.?

The Als placed Green on the six-game injured list Friday. It’s believed he has a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

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With the injury to S.J. ,the Als will definitely add either Corbin Louks or Chandler Jones to the active roster; I expect that it will be Corbin. B.J. Cunningham will definitely play. If they dress only 1 RB, both B.J. and Corbin will play.

Should Duron Carter be suspended by the League, then Chandler Jones will also be added to roster.

We will know early next week if Duron is suspended; I will not be surprised if he is suspended for 1 game.


What a mess... 250k you think he could afford Ritalin.

With S.J. Green out for the season and Tyrell Sutton for at least 6 games, I now expect Int. WR Corbin Louks and Int RB Maltese Jackson to be added to the active roster.


Als might decide to go with Chandler Jones as he has been on the practice roster for awhile now. Not that it means anything but when Marc-Olivier Brouillette was asked which of the young guys he liked, he named Jones.

Als could anger another team and try to pick up a RB from somebody else's practice roster. For example, Mossis Madu in Ottawa and Timothy Flanders in Winnipeg are PR players.

We also got cam mcdaniel on the pr, he looked decent in preseason

The Als definitely don't need these players, since they already have Jackson and McDaniel; furthermore, they still have Rutley and it is possible that,while there would be 2 Int. RB's on active roster, only 1 may dress. They could decide to dress 5 Int. WR's, since not much depth as Nat. WR's. Finally, Flanders has been on Winnipeg active roster for the first 2 games of 2016.

With the injury to Travon Van-not sure if he will miss a few games- and KR/WR Smith, I had more concerns that Ottawa may try to get either Jackson -RB/KR- or McDaniel from Als practice roster; with the injury to Sutton, 1 of these 2 will now be transferred to active roster.

I will not be surprised if the Als try to sign Int. WR Clarence Denmark-formerly of Winnipeg and Sask. training camp in 2016- to the practice roster.


Time for Rutley and McDaniel to do their thing. Rutley has already showed us some good things; McDaniel was sensational at ND.

My fault for expecting the team's website roster for being accurate.

Brandon Rutley and Chandler Jones were college teammates at San Jose St. in 2010 and 2011. I suspect somebody would mention this on a TSN broadcast if somehow they both end up starting.

McDaniel is a good back. Not sure what his grasp on the playbook is but the kid can pack the rock. As far as recievers go some one is gonna have to step up bigtme. I still think the key to the season is finding some speed in the defensive backfield.

" The team expects that a minimum of several weeks will be required to rehab his lower leg injury "

I wasn't as optimistic when I read the release, the phrasing sounded "crafted". Herb's take certainly isn't positive: Alouettes receiver S.J. Green out rest of season with shredded knee -

Yeah, I posted that before the news of Green's knee injury became known. His season is done; so is his career, in all likelihood. :frowning:

Wow !!! It looks like you boys could be out of contention before the season really gets going. SJ Green , the best receiver in the league gone for the season (possibly for good ) the league leader last year in rushing yards Sutton 6 gamed and your other top receiver Douchebag Carter possibly suspended for a game or two. Add in the fact that Glenn has been less than stellar at QB and it doesn't look too promising for the Alouettes early on in this young season. So any guesses as to who you might bring in as a replacement for Green ? perhaps Denmark ? talk Mo Price out of retirement ? bring back Ocho (okay I'm just kidding on this one) ? At least at RB you have Rutley and maybe Logan to replace Sutton or perhaps somebody from the PR but replacing the best receiver in the league in SJ Green is almost a near impossible burden to overcome if you ask me. At least you still have an ageing but still effective Thick Nic for leadership and stability but in reality although he's always been one of my favs I think he is now limited as to what he can do and his days of being considered a prime time receiver are behind him at this stage of his career.

The only thing that might save your season is that outside of the REDBLACKS so far the rest of the East early on is looking rather mediocre and pedestrian. IMO there isn't much to choose in difference right now between the other three teams and the Cats and Argos could quickly find themselves in the same boat as the Als with a few key injuries or two ( Cats minus Collaros already not withstanding )

Yeah, I don't think we're out of playoff contention, but S.J. is going to leave a big gap in the slot and one of the newcomers will have to fill it. But we also have issues on defense and special teams. Hoping that Popp & co. use the bye week to fix things...

Are Popp and the coaches staying together in Montreal for the bye or are they headed home?

Not sure. But both Thorpe and Calvillo live with their families in Montreal, so they, at least, should be around to put in the work.