Als Finally Use a Balanced Attack= Big Win

From early in the !st Q the Als finally used a balanced attack and won big over the TiCats. Whitaker showed his great skill as both a runner and receiver and out team finally did ,what we were calling for and,utilized their running game which, was successful over A Ti Cat squad. Whitaker demonstrated power and speed in the running game and, was the offensive difference between the two teams today vs last week. He also showed ability as a receiver and, was especially effective with the screen pass. He is playing as good, rather better, than Cobourne did today and, solidly demonstrated that he is in the game to run and catch- not only a blocker for AC.

The patched up defense adequately did what was necessary to contribute to the win. I liked what I saw of Brouillette and, Seth Williams, Dix and others played very adequately. Woldu was tested again and again but stood his ground. Richardson is a good bet to be the MVP this year and AC has likely his best game this year. Why, it was because the team played, different in past, but with a good running attack that must have thrown the Ti Cat defenders off balance. The old living, just with the old passing game, has to be made obsolete by the balanced attack showed by the team today.

It's not rocket science folks
We did in the Cats with the running attack
And little hitch-screens and the like

Got them off their pass-rush
Kept AC relatively clean
And gave receivers like Watkins and Bratton time to run those routes

A sweet victory with some nice play-calling
Good coaching in all aspects
except maybe on ST


I agree very much. As much as AC does for this team our best games come when we run the ball often enough to keep defences guessing. If you look at what our most convincing wins have been thus far (first game vs toronto, vs Edmonton, and this) all of them have a significant running component to them

Quelque chose est venu s'ajouter aux ingrédients cette semaine : tous les receveurs étaient plus concentrés à faire les choses dans le bon ordre. Attraper d'abord, courir ensuite. Et Calvillo a également été plus précis. Il avait l'air en forme et déterminé. Rien à voir avec le gars dépité et fatigué de la semaine dernière.