Als (finally!) add big screen to Molson-Percival

It's official guys. We are entering the 21st century !

The Als started yesterday the construction of a jumbotron in Molson-Percival. It will be completed for the first preseason game against Winnipeg on June 8.

They say it will be 11 x 6.7 meters, and will be the same screen they use in Jacksonville and Detroit in the NFL. Personally, I've never been to either place, but knowing these two city hosted the Superbowl recently, I'd bet they have nice jumbotrons.

Can't wait to see a slow-motion replay of Cahoon diving for a deep ball !

I have been to DETROIT : Excellent news for Montreal. :thup:
In a smaller Stadium it will look even bigger. :thup:

.....having a Jtron adds a whole new dimension to the viewing pleasure.....replays, videos, fan-shots, etc. are a hoot on the big are in for a treat.....

Sweet for Als fans

Wow I chose a good year to receive season tickets

Yup. Being able to see replays is a huge plus. It makes fans less ashamed of missing a big play because those cheerledears were jumping up and down... :stuck_out_tongue:

Hellothere, the Als said the company who makes their screen is the one who made the one in Rogers Center. If I remember correctly, you guys have one crisp TV up there, eh?

what about the phase 2 and 3 expansion? any more news on that?

Always looking for ways to add value to their product, the Montreal Alouettes are adding a giant video board to Percival Molson Stadium for the 2006 season.

The newest addition to the Alouettes’ home, installation of the Daktronics screen will began last Friday and features an impeccable image quality. Measuring 6.6 m (21.5 ft) high and 11 m (36 ft) wide, the screen is four times larger than the temporary one set up for a 2004 home game. It features a 23 mm resolution – the same quality as seen at Hamilton’s Ivor Wynne Stadium and Toronto’s Rogers Centre. NFL cities, Jacksonville and Detroit recently installed the same system when they hosted the Super Bowl. A dozen other NFL teams feature Daktronics boards in their stadiums.

"The addition of our videoboard will upgrade our fans' game experience and give our sponsors additional visibility," said Larry Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Montreal Alouettes. We consistently look for innovative ways to give our fans more for their money and give our sponsors added value. We're proud of adding the best-quality product on the market to our home, Percival Molson Stadium."

The screen will be behind the east end zone of Percival Molson Stadium. The installation will be completed in time for the Alouettes’ preseason game with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers this June 8 at 7 p.m. at Percival Molson Stadium.

No trees will be cut for this temporary installation which was approved by the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec. The permanent installation will take place with the rejuvenation project of Percival Molson Stadium when the organization is planning to add 5,000 seats to the north and east stands.

I'll have to wait til I see it. I can't visualize given the dimensions. But I hope it's bigger than the one at Frank Clair. Mind you, they might not need a huge one given smaller confines there.

Actually, isn't the East stands at Percival-Molson the same side as where a faculty building of some sorts resides? By the looks of the artist's depiction, they were hoping to install the new 'Tron and additional seats on the West side of the stadium.

does anyone else think a screen, by itself is kinda bare?

i like the way hamiltons screen looks...with all the framing around it...

anyone else think that?

No the faculty building on the west side
Mountain to the north
City(downtown) to the south

After seeing Tigervision a couple of times at Ivor Wynne, I must admit that it does look pretty impressive, maybe even better than the new 'Tron at the Dump. But of course, the RC had souped their stadium up with the ribbon boards along the top of the 200-level and adding a video board at field level behind the north endzone. But Ivor Wynne probably has the best video screen by itself so far.

yes it is the best, and i think inpart, the framing makes it look so much more than just a doesnt look naked.

i would like to see montreal, sask and ottawa do something similar with thier screens, but i know some dont care about things like this.

good to see the als are keeping right up with the riders.......

is anyone going to the pre-season game against the bombers, and is able to take pics of the new screen?...

i would like to see how it looks.