Als file formal protest with league

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Larry Smith announced the Als have filed a protest with the league. Apparently if they’re successful then the touchdown will count and the game will be played out from that point onwards. Such an outcome is however unprecedented and we may more likely get some other form of compensation.

I sure hope it works though!

I say forget it and move on.

Then why have a protest process in the first place?
What is it there for?
In baseball, you cannot protest a judgement call, was it a strike or a ball, was he safe or out. You can only protest a rule, or the umpire's interpretation of it.
Its the same here, The Als are not protesting because the ref should have or should not have called holding or PI. They are protesting that(and this in my interpretation) the command center improperly disallowed the play.
The time clock was correct, and is not reviewable therefor the play should not have been disallowed.
What they should have done was
Announce the review,
Discuss that the clock was correct
Allow the play to stand.

In baseball when a game is protested and the protest is won/allowed the game is replayed from that point on....The touchdown would stand and the game would resume with about 55 seconds on the clock.

Will that happen here?....I don't know.
Should that happen here? I don't know about that either......but the Als should protest, if only for the principal of the matter.

Will this set a precedent?
No because again, you cannot protest a judgement.
The previous BC game, with the dribble, no because even though the league admitted the error, onside or offside is a judgement call.
The Flutie fumble? Nope, judgement again.

There is only one other case that I can think where a protest would be possible but I don't remember the teams
Couple of years ago, onside kick, The ref ruled it was a simultaneous touch of the ball before it went out of bound, by rule the ball goes to the receiving team....
The rule states there should have been a re kick.

That is the only other case that could have been protested.....This will not set a precedent where every losing team will protest the game.

Although nothing may come out of this it was the right thing for the Als organization to do. In my opinion, the fair solution to this would be to allow the Als to kick the extra point prior to the start of Sunday’s rematch. With the tie the Als would get a single point and a record of 7-1-1. B.C. should not have the win stripped from their record. It would not be fair to play overtime because over the week the Als would have had the advantage of preparing and adjusting for what they faced last Friday.

errr... so would BC. As for the replay, there is probably a rule that governs that kind of things, so the league would have to follow that or they could end up with another protest, and it could come from other teams as your solution would give out 3 points for that game which would not be fair for the other teams.

Whining is useless. The past is the past and cannot be changed. When teams complain, the league won't do anything. The CFL supports its officials regardless of errors. The only thing Montreal can do is beat BC in the next meeting.

good move that was bullshit call by refs--

I wonder if BET 365 having an affiliation to the CFL had something to do with that call???

Does anyone find it suspicios that online gambling company is a CFL major sponsor. Thier logo is all over the goal posts and on the field--

Perhaps when they say that call is being reviewed they are chekcing the bets and taht last td was not good for business--

Is this a possibility?