Als featured in the Fastest 3 Minutes

Anyone watching the Seahawks game tonight? Chris Berman just included the Als in his Fastest 3 Minutes segment. Thought that was kind of funny.

Yeah that was very funny. He was saying that Despite Tom Brady and the Pats on a bye week, there was a Brady siting north of the Border.

Imagine showing CFL highlights on American TV without insulting the League. Those clowns from PTI could learn from Berman.

Chris Berman is good like that though...

And on PTI at least Mike Wilboun shows some respect...

Do they actually insult the CFL on PTI? I've never really watched it, but I enjoy Tony Kornheiser on MNF... even if he does have the worst last name ever. :lol:

Yeah there hasnt exactly been love for the CFL on that show, even though I love watching it... And i hate MNF these days... Stupid commentators.

Berman has always given the Grey Cup coverage in past years. Nice to see we got another plug.

This is my 3oooth post... (Yay...:roll:)

Yeah! Like I said, He is good like that.

You are the 1st person in the History of MNF viewers to think that anything Kornheiser says is worth listening to.

I repeat: The very 1st person to think this guy has anything useful, insightful and/or legitimate to say.

I reiterate: He is a complete fool who makes watching MNF painful.

Once again: Listening to his jibberish is sad for talented football commentators across our Hemisphere who are actually good.

And Finally: He is garbage.

:lol: :lol: Now tell me how you really feel?

I'll be honest, I really only like him because he's occasionally funny. I don't really listen to the MNF guys for insight on football. I get that from Madden and Michaels on Sunday. I like the MNF guys because they're entertaining.

MNF uck now...:frowning:

Grey Cup just got some more coverage, including Johnson's 3 picks!

Damn! I fell asleep! I wanted to watch that...:frowning: