Al's Fans?

I have a question for Al's fans. I am a Rider fan, and being one, I have went through many a rough year with my team. So my question to Al's fans is, will you do the same when the time comes, and it will come. You guys have had it pretty good since rejoining the CFL, and it's easy to cheer for a team that is in 1st place in the east/league 90% of the time.

Cavillo (?) won't be playing forever, you lost alot of players, and it appears that the Al's are getting worse (still good) rather than staying the best, or improving.

I have heard many people on this forum say that expansion should be in Quebec City, however, I still wonder if Al's fans will still support their team when it's a losing one? You lost your team once, and it wasn't because you had a winning team with lots of fan support. No offence to Al's fans or Quebec, but before any expansion would go to Quebec, the CFL would definitly have to ask these questions.

Lost hockey, baseball, and the CFL, so is Quebec city a good option? I think not!

Considering the large quantity of pages in Montreal newspapers dedicated to the CFL and the Als (according to previous threads), I would venture to say these pages discuss the CFL and players in detail. I would bet they are not all about how good the Als are, ra ra ra. They would produce all these pages BECAUSE the readers are interested. I think your assumption that interest will drop drastically in a losing season is wrong.

I agree with you. CFL shouldn't expand to Quebec.

I'm glad u brought up baseball in Montreal. I was an avid expos fan but the fire sales deminished my interest and when Cy young winner was traded immediately (Pedro), I quit watching baseball. I felt Montreal did not deserve to have the team because they didn't support it enough. I hoped that the expos would leave Montreal quickly and then I would cheer on the Expos again. However, too much time has passed and I know nothing about the franchise anymore. I'm glad that the Nationals are in 2nd place in NL though. Go Nationals!

I for one will never give up cheering for my team(the Als), lose or win. I have cheers for the Nordiques all the way so... Not sure for the Montrealers in general though, they have a tendency to go berserk when the Habs loose, i fear that might be the same with the Als.

As for Quebec, it would be a great addition to the CFL. The region around the city is blooming with football teams of all levels, and with good ownership that franchise would be a success. You guys say you are against Quebec, but dont give any good reason though.

The Nordiques sold out every game all year, the only reason they left is because players salaries became too high to play in a small arena like the Colisee (about 14000 fans) or like in Winnipeg, PERIOD. No other reason, Understand?

The Expos left because of ownership or lack there of and Politicians who didn't help, not because of lack of fans. All the Expos needed was an owner willing to keep the team here and with the partnership of Government build a Downtown outdoor stadium, if they had done so the Expos would right now be getting 35000-40000 every game.

The Alouettes folded because of idiot outside owners in Nelson Scalbania and the other moron whos name escapes me right now. One of them wanted an NFL team and the other apparently justwanted to fold them. Norm Kimball (that's the other scumball). None of these teams left because of fan support, you need good ownership in sports or you're screwed.

As for your general opinion of professional sports teams in Quebec, it is my believe that Montreal have the best, loudest and most passionate fans in Canada with a population of 3.5 million in Montreal and over 700000 in QuebecCity, you are entitled to your opinion. Would we support the Als when they start losing,yes,as long as ownership is committed to Montreal and committed to building a winner again. If like baseball it's a lame duck for years with threats of leaving then no.

Just remember this, Montreal leads the NHL every year in attendance, Montreal leads the United soccer league in attendance by far every year, Montreal gets over 330,000 for the Formula 1 race every year, The Alouettes have sold out 56 straight home games and have a long waiting liast for season tickets and would probably be leading the CFL in attendance if they had the room at Molson stadium,which they don't.

By the way I resent this Posting! and I find it ridiculous, but maybe I can set you straight.

Olympic Stadium has a seating capacity of over 59,000. Granted, it's not the most glamourous of settings in which to play, but there were always seats available. If drawing fans is not the issue, then why is it that attendance for Expo home games dropped from an all-time high in 1983 (over 28,000 per game) to an all-time low in 2001 (almost 8,000 per game). Sounds a lot like disinterested fans to me.

Cujo, through the last 9 seasons, Montreal had 12, 13 and 14 wins a grand total of eight times. Our worst season was .500. So obviously, the only way we can go is down. Might not happen this year nor the next, but it will happen eventually.

When that happen, the true hardcore fans, like the ones you meet on this site, will stick by the Als. Be sure that all those who come by this forum regularly love football enough to stick through thick and thin.

However, I am pretty certain fan support would get shaky shall Montreal lose. That is beacuse Montrealers in general "want to be part of it". If something is trendy, perceived as cool, seen like a rendez-vous for winners, Montrealers want to be there. But when that thing or event loses of its glamorous shine, it loses adepts too.

The Alouettes won't be endangered by a bad season. Everybody knows a team can't always be at the top. But a serie of consecutive bad seasons might hurt fan support. From a pure mathematic point of view, it would be interesting to see how many of the 20 200 people at the games and of the 5000 people on the waiting list are real fans.

I just hope we don't get to verify that anytime soon. :wink:

Ownership, that's why! Charles Bronfman sold the team to his vice prseident of marketing who had no money at all and a bunch of minor investors. They paid Brochu a bonus to sell off all of our star players including Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Larry Walker, Moises Alou etc. etc. etc. fronm the best team in Baseball in 1994 (when they would have been World series Champs before Rughead cancelled the season completely) and from there it just went down hill, everyone knew Brochu would sell off our best players every year to get his personal bonus from the minority owners and then the team was sold to Jeffery Loria who's only thought was to make a gigantic personal profit in a secret behind the scenes deal with Bud Rughead Selig to either contract the team or move them and that is exactly what happened and the fans could see what was happening and would not support them. Loria made himself about 75 million screwing Montreal and got a team in Florida also.
It all comes down to ownership in every professional sports team in every league in every city.

True, to a point, but true fans stick to their team through all situations - including poor ownership. I'm not saying your points are not valid - you do have some good ones - I simply think that things need to be viewed more objectively. The fans, in any sport in any city, need to assume their share of the responsibility in the demise of a team. They are not always faultless.

Montreal is a very big City with tons of activities, Saskatchewan is not and everybody is a Riders fan,which is great, but you have to understand the difference. We don't have to always have winners bur we do have to have an owner who is committed to keeping the team here and committed to building a winner eventually, then they will be supported. The support will peak if the team is winning and drop a little if the team is not but either way as long as the committment from ownership is there, Montrealers will support them, even in losing season like the Habs went through most of the 90's and the first couple of years in the 21rstcentury. The habs still lead the league in attendance because of George Gillettes committment of building a winner again and Bob Gainey is on his way in doing it.

I agree with most of what you have pointed out - I'm simply providing alternative arguments. Good solid ownership, in any market, is a key to maintaining an organization's success. Als Moson: I'm curious to know, however, how you would think I don't understand the demobgraphic differences between a small market and a larger market team? I've not mentioned which team I support.

You just contradicted yourself twice, once about football and once about baseball,you praise our sports coverage about footballin Montrealbut say Quebec shouldn't geta franchise , why the hell not? and you say youstopped watching baseball after they traded the CY Young award winner Pedro Martinez but you say Montrealers stopped going to the games so they don't deserve it, Why do youthink we stopped going to the games?

For me QuebecCity is an obvious slam dunk choice to give a CFL franchise too. Footbal lis exploding all over the Province at every level. The new team will have a few local French players to support. The last 2 Vanier cups were won by the Laval Rouge et Or in QuebecCity, QuebecCity has the 6th or 7 th biggest population in Canada etc. etc. etc.

T&T hit the nail on the head
Scalbania's only purpose in life was to get rid of the ALS so he could bring in a NFL team.

As for the Expos I personally got fed up of the owner blackmail. They were always saying give us this or we are leaving give us that or we are gone build us a new stadium or we move. Add to that when MLB bought the expos from our owner so that he could buy the marlins it was the ultimate insult to Mtl fans.

As for Quebec City not getting a CFL team because Montreal lost pro-teams is nuts. Washington had 2 MlB teams fold or move. The Oakland Raiders moved out and then back in as did Baltimore. No-one there saw it as a problem

...........I think any team right now, o.k. Ottawa might be iffy, would be supported through thin times, Als included.......yes they have enjoyed a run of many excellent years but I think that just strengthens the fan base and when things get lean they'll still have great fans.........look at the crap Calgary went through the last three years and hey, over 34 thou at last Friday's game says a lot........

There is a big difference between football in Quebec in 1983, and football in Quebec in 2005. There was a football boom in the 90’s in the whole province, from high school to cegep right to CIS. The Alouettes are ingrained in the city (and the province) now. Even if they went a few seasons without making the playoffs I cant see the interest going down at all.

You took the words right out of my mouth T & T.
How true.

...please...his name is "Turd"!?

Please don't bring Ottawa into this discussion.

No other team in the league has ever had to go through the crap years and stooopidity of the front offices as Ottawa fans.

If any other team in this league had to deal with what Ottawa fans have had to deal with they would not be around.

The minute the team is not in 1st place Montreal will loose interests. That a given. And sellouts... It's easy when your stadium seats 20K...

Ottawa fans are the most resilient and that's not even up for discussion.

You say that as soon as MTL is not in 1st place we will lose interest.
Anything inparticular that you base that on?

Also selling 20,000 tickets may be easy but since the 2000 season not counting Mtl's games there have been 133 games with attendances less than 21,000 and of these 104 have had less than Mtl's max of 20,202.

Maybe sellouts are easy at 20,00 but there are 4 teams that would not have done it...

"They wanna be a part of it. MONTREAL MON-TRE-EL!!!!" ok I give up with I'm ahead.

QC would be an awesom place for a new team cuz of rivaly and unitiy, need I say more?

The only reason why I think Quebec shouldn’t get a franchise is because I want one in halifax instead. 10 is enough teams. It wasn’t because of the bogus reasons listed in this thread’s original post.

Expos - Why was there fire sales year after year? Is becuase there was not enough interest and attendence. The year of Pedro’s cy young winning season, they were still a great team but not enough people cared enough to fill the O to cheer them on. It bugged me. I don’t know a whole lot about after the Pedro trade except that the owner was the pits and I don’t blame Montrealers for giving up on the Expos at that point - I had already given up on them.