Als fan's, you need to get this!

OK, I will start by admitting that I am mostly a lurker to these forums. I read them but rarely respond. I will also say I am a HUGE Als fan. But' I have NO commercial interests whatsoever. That being said, I got a great Christmas gift; The book "La grande histoire des Alouettes". by Pierre Turbis and Pierre Bruneau.

I flipped through the whole thing when I unwrapped it. It is a must have for any Als fan. I don't know if it has been translated in english (it should be), but it is a great work. I still can't beleive such a great book on the Als exists.

I recommend you find one (store or library).

My wife gave me a video "CFL Traditions.". If interested see This is an 85 minute history of the Als. Aussi en francais! Have the Als neglected the english fans? To the producer there are many fans who left Quebec but reside in the 4 corners of the world.These items would be sellers if produced in english.

Here in Edmonton on the ESPN classics channel, they have the CFL traditions on once in a while and I have seen the Allouettes one in English.

I have seen it in English as well. I saw it about 3 times, during Grey Cup week.