Al's Fans Worst in the CFL

honestly like 15000 less people this year compared to last year to watch the game in the big O against sask, i mean honestly just because they had a worse record than last year but still had a winning record, Al fan's disgust me

True, so very true. The Als have had great seasons since their comeback in 1996. The worst record they’ve had since then was 9-9-0.

more Als fans should have come, but they will be back in the Big O next season.

Isn't this topic late? Like a whole week late?

In fact, isn't it a bit late to join this forum? You take really no risk by showing up only after your team secured a Grey Cup berth, Eskimoforcup2005.

My advice to you, if you want to start trash talking, you should try to be original. It's boring to go over old topics.

Have a nice day nonetheless.

No kidding, a week late with his stupid and needless comments and what does that make Calgary, who could only get 26000 against there BIGGEST rival in the playoffs? I don't care if it was cold out! Montreal-Saskatchewan have no rivalry at all!

And esksfortherunnerupcupin 2005 Montreal have the best fans in the CFL. Lets see how many Esks fans would go if they had to pay $75.00 a ticket like we do! instead of about what $15.00 a ticket?

Anyway it will make kicking your butts even more enjoyable next week!

too right, chrees!

GO ALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its another one of those posters that just signed up to entertain us with their vast knowledge of the game.

Hmm, maybe we should have a probationary period...LOL


I taught it was a post for the way I acted during the game yesterday @ "SkyDump".... :slight_smile:

15 bucks a ticket! god im getting ripped off with Season Tickets if its only 15 bucks a ticket!

As long as the Habs are playing, football is the furthest things from their minds.

joined yesterday and put in his 1/2 cents worth.
You would figer such a big fan the the Eskies would say something bout his team but noooooooo

Honestly... :roll:

$15 a ticket?!!! :lol:

Nice excuse - I've been paying around $40 each for mine.

Cheaper than Montreal's tickets, yes, but still the best attendance in the league nonetheless.

You’re right. We’d get 20, 201 if we had to pay that much. You just proved this idiot right, idiot. I don’t know where you and Turd get your numbers from…probably from outta your…but do you really think your organization has that much attraction that you can command $60 more per ticket than other’s?? And yet, you refute his claim about a crappy draw in the Big Owe…although I think it was a decent draw.

How “Montreal” of you. “Our poutine !” I was shocked at the lack of respect the Als got prior to the TO game…and I was right. They proved guys like HT wrong…but now it’s “game on”. Especially when guys like you take pokes at idiots like this, only to come out looking like a bigger fool.

Stupid hockey.

Montreal is notorious for being lukewarm towards all sports except for the Habs. For that reason I hesitate to call it a ‘great’ sports city.

I’m happy that they are at least supporting the Als, though. I was afraid history would repeat itself when the Als were drawing less than 10,000 in the big O before they got punted to Molson stadium.

I agree that Edmonton have great sports fans, I am just defending my city that I know has great sports fans from the little insignifigant idiot Edmonton fan who joined this site yesterday and made a moronic posting!

And yes in my opinion Montreal has the best sports fans in Canada. You are entitled to yours.

Look at it this way.
Montreal demands and expects a winner. If you were to go to a restaurant and the waiter serves you slop would you go back?
No I think not. So why are Montreal fans expected to pay to see slop?
Maybe you are right that Montreal has fair weather fans but the way I see it is if you want us to come put some quality on the field and we will be there.
Did you ever think that 31,000 although still good numbers was the fans way of saying "Hey wake up and Smarten up because we will not put up with it"
Now look at the quality that was on the field yesterday.

I agree with you - Edmonton’s fans do the same thing from time-to-time. When the Esks weren’t very good about 5 or 6 years ago attendance faltered a bit too.

But Montreal is a lot like Vancouver I think, simply for the fact that attendance seems to be all over the map.

All over the map? try 62 straight sellouts at Molson and about 6 or so straight 50000 plus crowds at the Big O until we had 31000 last time. That is not all over the map, and Montreal fans were showing there extreme disgust with how they played against Toronto at the Big O 3 weeks earlier and how expensive it is to go. And once again the Habs lead the NHL in attendance.

Honestly, the 62 straight sellouts isn’t a very impressive stat considering the small size of the stadium. Would that number be as high if it had capacity of 30,000? One could only speculate, but it is debatable.

And those other sellouts at the big o were an impressive and welcoming sight, but why did they only get 10 000 per game (approximately) when the team first moved there from Baltimore? They had a good team!

And I’m taking other sports into consideration as well in forming my opinions…

Expos, anyone?

And I’m not taking anything away from Habs fans - they are loyal and rabidly fanatical for their team. They are also like Rider fans in the fact that you can’t swing a dead cat in the street without hitting one!