Als Fans Will Like These Videos

On Youtube.

There is an Als fan that goes by the name Football Fan on youtube.
For sure he is an Als fan , because he only has Als videos and his front page shows all the Als helmets from over the years.

Anyway there are a couple of videos that are real cool.

1961 Toronto Argonauts vs Montreal Alouettes

1962 Hamilton Tiger Cats at Montreal Alouettes

They are only about 26 minutes long and the colour quality is great.
There is no sound , so I am thinking these are restored coaches films.

Both these games are played at Molson Stadium which looks so different than today.
Also, on the sidelines, fans are sitting on the sideline benches. WOW, they lived dangerous back then.

Als are wearing those cool looking white jersey's with the Red Wing logo.

Check them out :thup:

50/50 that I was at the 1962 game, a 4 yr-old looking for the peanut /ice-cream vendors; depened on whether anyone else wanted my Dad's third ticket for that game.

Indeed, this is a tremendous bunch of uploads by a devoted Alouettes fan.

The footage from the early 1960’s is amazing and at the same time, awful.

On Oct 7 1961, wildly inaccurate QB #25 Gerry Thompkins threw 4 picks to
the same Argo defensive back, #26 Art Johnson, grandfather of Heisman
award winner Mark Ingram, Jr. Related CFL trivia: “Bud Grant still holds the
league mark for interceptions in a playoff game with five in a win over
[justify]Saskatchewan in 1953.” Montreal lost 33-27, alors adieu! to the playoffs.[/justify]

Then on Oct 27 1962, QB #20 Sandy Stephens tossed 4 interceptions just
in the second half, as the Als dropped a very winnable game to the TiCats.

Hall-of-famer RB #28 George Dixon however, had yet another good game.

Here’s his first long touchdown reception, and here’s the second one. Amazing!

Check out the fans going wild along the sidelines, and how Sandy Stephens
flings the ball side-arm, gunslinger-style. Dixon rushed for 62 yards total, to
break the single-season record (Eastern Conference). He had a great season.

In this game, regular placekicker #63 Bobby Jack Oliverwas out of action, so
Sandy Stephens took over on converts and field goals. Montreal’s punter was
backup QB #35 Dave Grosz, former U of Oregon star.

Hamilton alternated #11 Frank Cosentino and #9 Joe Zuger at quarterback.
Here’s a long touchdown by legendary South Dakotan #26 Garney Henley.

Also of note, on Zuger’s first punt, fielded by #17 the invaluable Ed Learn,
the former Alouette #68Angelo Mosca dives in with a late hit, an omen
of his later antics in the 1963 Grey Cup, when he targeted Willie Fleming.

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Hall-of-famer RB #28 George Dixon however, had yet another good game.
Here's his first long touchdown reception, andhere's the second one. Amazing!

Makes Manziel look like a surgeon :o ;D