Al's fans are disrespectful morons

Cory Boyd is injured on the field for a long time, has to be carried off and not a single fan in attendance applauds. I thought that was automatic. You just did out of respect. Shows the character of the Montreal sports fan. Or should I say lack of character.

Disrespectful morons.

it is possible that they did, just possibly didn't hear it too well.

Big O was quiet today but you heard akinds of muted applause. There was nothing. It is typical of Montreal sports "fans".

Are you done bashing Montreal? What kind of grudge do you hold against us? Honestly, every single topic, all you have to say is how bad the team is, how disrespectful the fans are or how Montreal is a sad excuse for a sports city.

Seriously. Cut it out. It's childish.

What other city would do that? Go into any stadium/arena and they applaud when an injured player finally gets up, except here. As for Montreal being a faiweather sports town thats no secret and I made the comments in response to a post that they were a "true sports" city.

This is a message board. The idea is to post ideas and respond to them. :roll:

You’re not posting ideas, you’re posting ridiculous banter that only accumulates your hatred for Montreal every time you post. We get it, you don’t like them. Do you honestly think that continuously bashing them everywhere is going to persuade others? I’m not saying you’re not allowed to have your own opinion. Just stop forcing it down everyone’s throat, and making topics that serve only to spite Als fans.

Nothing good comes out of your attempts to defame the Als. You annoy Montreal fans to no end, and you make yourself seem like a complaintif whiner to everyone else.

Please. Cut it out.

I just replayed the last quarter on my pvr, there was no indication whatsoever of clapping in the Big O as Boyd was leaving the field nor while he was carted away.

I only hope Boyd is going to be alright and return to help the Argo’s crush everyone in 2011 or 2012 (winning the GC at home would rock!).

Definitely need a better QB though. Lemon is set is his ways at what, 32?

In BC when Passmore looked seriously injured near a certain section, fans from other sections were trying to do the wave and when the fans in the section near Passmore didn’t want to do it, they booed.

Maybe fans didn't applaud because Boyd acted like a little drama queen every time he took a hit. Honestly, I switched channels because I was tired of seeing him grimacing and crying and rolling around in pain. Talk about milking the 'playing through pain' card. :lol:

Also, I'd like to know who Al's fans are. That Al guy must have some kind of clout to get 55,000 fans cheering for him.

Oh, wait, it's Als fans you're talking about?

Interesting thread. Wont' comment, truisms on both sides I'd say.

The only disrespectful moron here is the idiot who posted this topic, sore LOSER!!!!
Als fans rock!

:thup: :thup:

While I don't agree with them playing the "Na na na na, hey hey hey good bye" song at the end, I don't think your thread title separates you much from those you are trying to paint negatively.

Many tall horses around here...

I was at the game and i couldent remember when he got up and it dawned on me. We couldent really see what was going on and when he finally got up i had gotten distracted by other things going on. and im they type of person who will applaud an injured player.

The same could be said for any teams fans at one point or another, also as another person pointed out boyd crying wolf everytime he got hit/touched, would deffenitly have lost him alot of respect from the fans.

The one thing that i dont get about montreal fans is the rioting after a big win :? Most people trash their city after a big loss, but nope montreal will also trash their city after a big win. Somethings you just cant explain. LOL :rockin:

Easy 80 000 people on the street... few idiots who want to use the crowed so they can steal stuff... and mob mentality... we also say it in SF after the Giants won

It took a second for this to register in my head lol... I need to sleep.

I totally disagree, I've seen other teams fans' cheer at an opponent's injury, or jeer someone if they incorrectly think he is faking it.. but Boyd did seem to embellish his injury somewhat..and that is poor sportmanship-- if you want the respect of the fans, cut out the melodramatics...