Als fan!

I like the new site, but it is a little slow right now! Anyway Go Als Go! Als winning ways will continue in '05.
I am the former r44keithl, it was time for a name change

Glad to see you're back
Go Als Go

I cant wait for the season to start! Let's get ready to run over any team who stands in our way in the regular season and choke in the playoffs!...again... Yay! :roll:

This year is gonna be different, we are winning everything. 20-0, :slight_smile:....okay fine maybe 1 or 2 losses. I think our offence will be much better this season, mostly because of the improvements in the running game. And i think this is time for cavillo to have the perfect season, so everyone will stop doubting him.

go als go

Section W 4 life

We better not choke again this year. I cant take it anymore! Were becoming a laughing stock in the cfl for always choking in the playoffs! You’re right. This is the time for Calvillo to prove to everyone that he’s truly a great qb (althought he’s already won a grey cup) and hopefully he can win another one before he retires.

Relax, guys. We are going to do fine this year. I doubt we'll have as much regular-season success as last year (that was a peak), but I don't care as long as we win the Grey Cup, and we will. Matthews has FINALLY learned that you can't win championships without a running game; I'm dying to see Jenkins and Lapointe carrying the ball more. It will take the heat off Calvillo and allow our O-linemen to throw blocks instead of always fending off the pass rush. It'll also be nice to have a younger, bigger fullback blocking for the RBs in Mike Vilimek.

I'm not that worried about Copeland leaving. Sure, he's a great receiver, but we're loaded at receiver with Cahoon and Cavil in the slot, Girard at the wideout, and any number of promising youngsters waiting to step up (Dave Stala, Kerry Watkins, O'Neill Wilson, Darnell McDonald, and the new imports). No one had heard of Thyrone Anderson before last year; Calvillo turned him into a 1000-yard receiver. We'll be all right.

On defense, getting Phil Gibson back was a great move that will give us greater ratio flexibility on the D line and build for the future when Philion retires. Our secondary has undoubtedly taken a beating but I think the change will actually help us out. The new guys will be hungry and ready to prove themselves. And we still have the best linebacking corp in the league (tied with B.C. and T.O.) in Strickland, Butler and Johnson.

On special teams, Landry is always a threat to take it back all the way, and Kellett should be 100% recovered from his eye problem, so it's all systems go.

Go Als!

We HAVE to win the Grey Cup this year... my emotions can't take all the hype and cheer from regualr season games and then get all depressed after we get our acces beaten in the playoffs (in the last 7 years... rememeber feild goal losses every year to Tor and hamilton!)

I do have a feeling that this is our year! How old is Jenkins?

Hey all

Im a little more pessimistic. I think with all the personnel changes. It may take a few weeks to gel the team. I think playoffs are in reach but I dont see the seasons for tha Als being a cakewalk

Nobody said it will be a cakewalk. All I wish for is a decent regular season and a grey cup win!

I’m pretty sure thats what every fan of every team wishes for.

sry but bombers r taken it home this eyar GO BOMBERS!!