Popp is an idiot.. Wasted another challenge.

Wow.. Popp is a genius

RIP CFL... Its sad really. Im watching this crap more out of morbid curiosity, than for entertainment.

Didn't get the challenge he thought but got another penalty called. Sometimes even desperation works! :roll:


Breaking news - - a Montreal kicker has just managed to make a 45yd FG.

Oh no, a review! And to make matters even worse, a roughing the passer penalty!!

Cue the "fans" to whine about how terrible the CFL is.

The challenge that took a TD off the board

The commish needs to be proactive and address these challenges mid season: they just don't work.

Then, if he really wants to bring the league into a new age, in the offseason, he can take the head out of the game (going back to the headgear/o line starting in a crouch).

There's little wrong about the CFL: it just needs a tweak here and there.

What a joke call. I know they want to protect the QB, but sheesh. :roll: :roll:

Any word on SJ's injury. Al's really miss him.

He is done for the season

No position in sports is more important than QB.

League has to protect its meal tickets at all costs. And seriously, WTF is with these puss DLinemen who insist on slapping at the QBs head?

FFS, be a man and forget the NBA style slaps.


Based on what I saw I think he might have been going for a pass knock down but Reilly got the ball away before he got there. Regardless of intent or lack of injury, it is a hit to the head and should be called if the league wants to call all hits to the head on QBs.

Thought the EE might have put up a few more points by now but it looks like the larks D showed up and plan to keep collecting a pay cheque.

I gurss they dont feel like gangbanging anymore.. Popp is a genius.

Reilly's going to havr CTE when he gets older.

Fer sure!

He's also gonna think there's twice as many identical twins on the planet . . . .

Why is TSN panel down to 2 guys? Is Schultzie workin' to rule?

Why not burn Rod Black on a beauty-sack like tonite's matchup. Now gotta put up with his rubbish tomorrow nite in TO...

Yep, The Field Mouse Kevin Glenn can't hit the broad side of the barn door. Should be able to hand Edmonton the duke and cancel the tarring and feathering of Jace Maas and Ed Hervey. . . . . keepin' pan fry going in Montreal