only 2 days left. might as well start this thread. esks have lost their last 2 home games. one can hope for a 3rd. I know it'll be tough so I hope the argos can do us a little favor saturday should things not work out.

On the up-side
Every second time Calvillo emerges from the casket seems to be a winner
With SJ Green playing (perhaps) we've got one of our offensive weapons back
Albeit a bit hobbled

Kerry Watkins is probably out
But that may mean we see Bo Bowling
And that could be a shot in the arm for the short passing game

AC's had trouble at times with the Eskimos secondary
They've managed to contain him pretty efficiently
If I'm T&M...I'm working on implementing Plan-B:
Pretend it's Toronto and force them to deal with Whitaker....
Whitaker and more Whitaker.

On the other side of the ball:
Moton Hopkins is looking doubtful
As is Shea Emry
Fortunately...the return of DA should help solidify
That young secondary.

On that score
I think folks have come down a bit hard
On the defence in general for the couple of BIG Plays
Given up last week

This is a league of Big Plays
It's what makes the CFL so exciting
And what makes it so frustrating to play defence up here

It's up to the offence to keep pace
And make Big Plays of our own
Our defence held it's ground on numerous occasions last week
And gave the team ample opportunity to get the win.

Hopefully everyone will be up for this game
After a short week
Getting loads of pressure on Ray will be crucial
And unfortunately
This will mean reliance on the blitz

Still...I haven't seen evidence that Ray
After his recent flirtation with mediocrity the last few seasons
Has fully regained his confidence
And therefore his ability to read and react to pressure

So I suggest we send Ferri and Cox
Often and HARD
Their O-line is still questionable
And frankly...we can't afford to fall to .500

Go Als!

That's the spirit :cowboy: :thup: chin up.

Didier tweeting that Anderson and Green are practising, Watkins and Hopkins are not.

I would expect McElvaine to come on for Hopkins. While we are all anxious to see Bowling dress, I wouldn't be surprised to see Maypray replacing Watkins.

Good to see Anderson back, we`re going to need him as apparently Jason Barnes is set to return for the Esks.

The Als and Als fans are facing a little adversity over the next several weeks, kind of a new thing. Let`s see how we all handle it.

Sunday`s game was a tough one to lose, it was basically a playoff game. We have 2 and probably 3 more games against Winnipeg, and those will probably determine our season.

But first let`s get the Esks!

a little adversity is never a bad thing. no one ever said threepeating would be a piece of cake. that's why it hasn't happened in some 31 years. but i still believe. even if we fall short to edmonton and winnipeg (worst case scenario) which is not a guarantee i'll keep believing. we're the back to back defending champs and it's the other teams that have to prove that they are worthy when the time comes.

since we're playing edmonton the als should use Hugh Campbell's old adage after they lost to us in 1977. 'no matter what circumstances may befall us we shut up and played football'. that pretty much worked for them the next 5 years. :roll: (ugh) :cry:

What gives me concern for this game is Edmonton's defence, which is pretty darn good.

So far this season, the three best defences in the league are Winnipeg's, Edmonton's, and BC's.

Edmonton's defence is a 3/4 run by Rich Stubler.

I've said it before elsewhere, but I think it bears repeating. . .the Als have traditionally had their fair share of difficulty in going up against a Rich Stubler defence.

definitely. it's patience, patience and more patience with that defence. get your 3 points where you can and try not to give up the big INT.

The Als historically have also had problems with Ricky Ray and his deep corner routes.

I would assume Anderson will go one-on-one with Stamps all game, and we are going to need big games from Dix and Williams. I do think though that we will be able to pressure Ray.

The key for us for this game will be how much we run the ball. If we go with a pass heavy package we will probably get bogged down by the extra player in pass coverage but if we go with a good running attack and screen passes we should be able to rack up some big yardage because our offensive linemen will have an easier time pushing LBs out of the way than an extra DT

mada7 : I believe you are right on re running game. The issue is Trestman- his plan at most calls for the run- 30% of the time. Trestman has brought us successful football, to say the least. All last season posters, like ourselves,have written that the Als should run more. But Trestman is the best winning coach ever and, at this point in time, I will agree with him whatever system the team shows this weekend. My bet is that we will again have a passing focus.

Personally I'm relieved that Trestman has seen fit to bring Maypray back into the lineup
With his impressive resume at kick returner
And all of one big play/plays under his belt
There can be little doubt that an offensive squad
Barely afloat in it's own creative detritus
Will receive an immediate "juicing up"

What a brilliant display of innovation and aplomb
Them Eskies is minced meat I tells ya

As a captive audience
We can only hope

Go Als!
and to be clear I mean up...not down

Them Eskies is minced meat I tells ya Minced Meat
cool new york accent. youse said it.

As per the Als roster, Tim Maypray will play,along with Michael Giffin. Kerry Watkins and Shea Emry have been transferred to the 1 game injury list. The 4 reserve players/ ones not playing should/will be: Curtis Dublanko or Danny Desriveaux,Moton Hopkins,Sandro DeAngelis and Emmanuel Marc.

As I wrote before,I expect the Als to lose by at least 10 points; I surely hope to be wrong.


Let's hope you are :slight_smile:

Indeed. A win would be nice along with a bomber defeat. then i can feel good running at the Doug Flutie 5K in his home town of Natick,Mass. on sunday morning. It's for his severely autistic son Dougie Jr. I only found out 4 years ago i have it in a much lighter form known as asperger's disorder. now i understand better why i'm an alouette and cfl nut. it falls in the 'special interests' category of the condition. you can be overly passionate about things like that.

Bon match demain et go als go.

Good luck with your run.

Go 234ever Go!

Anderson out tomorrow, woke up sore and didnt make the trip. This injury situation is getting sad now.

Probably why Greg Laybourn has been added from practice roster and Hopkins transferred to 1 game injury list.


Whitaker will play a big role for this game as will Ray; the days of the pocket passer is much harder. Getting plays off Quicker enhances Rick Ray's confidence, just the same as Calvillo's; as there is no other choice.

No other choice if you’re a lead-footed “oldster” with delusions of mobility
Frankly I’m surprised that the Eskimos hired Joseph as their second
He really doesn’t look that great back there
And hasn’t for a few years.

When Ray and Calvillo start to panic under pressure
I’m reminded of those nature shows
When the old and hobbled wildebeest is cut out of the heard by a pack of hyenas
And bucks and bellows
Stark raving terror in his eyes
And fury at the lost sinuousness of youth
And the accursed indignities of time

The Alouettes have a backup who may…if he ever gets a chance…rip this league a new one.
A perfect complement to Calvillo’s pocket-pass-mania.
Why then does Joseph get relatively frequent playing time when Ray is fumbling around back there
And McPherson is left picking splinters from his a**?

Has McPherson really been blacklisted for “suspicion of gambling” oh so many years ago?
Or for having the temerity to successfully sue an NFL club while wearing the wrong colour skin?
Is Trestman really the hatchet man carrying out this sentence?
McPherson sitting in the (barely) gilded penalty box reserved for upstarts and over-talented “n-worders” who don’t know their place?

Seriously though…there’s got to be some explanation for the disrespect this talented pivot receives year after year
And the absurd lack of consideration he gets when his team is fighting to stay above .500.

If the Alouettes do accede to fate and fall to that accursed level
Some thought will have to be given to starting AD
Or let the rumours fly