Als @ Esks

Anyone else see Ray throw 60+ yards to Tucker? Lets hope they keep that pressure on for 60 minutes.

Good luck Chief...I wouldnt count on it. But then again sometimes ur on and sometimes ur not I guess...somehow that playstation coach of yours seems to flub everything up by games end.


Maaaaaaan. How pathetic can a game start be?

  • Long return.
  • 60+ yards TD.
  • Inability to handoff.
  • Safety conceded.
  • Kickoff out of bound.
  • Inability to stop the run and the pass.
  • TD again.

And it's only been 5 minutes... Wow!

We're up by 16 right now... if we somehow lose this game... heads will definitely roll. :lol:

Phew! Bradyyyyyyyyyy !!!

We're on the march. We'll respond.

I know.

I had to celebrate while something good happened! lol... :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve got to understand, I never liked Jason Maas and I don’t want him leading my birds. So if we have to lose, I’d like Brady to shine anyways and have everyone recognize it wasn’t his fault.

So far, our defense really is to blame.

Don't worry, Brady will have plenty of time to shine in the second hslf. :stuck_out_tongue:

That's the only thing keeping me in the game: Your general second half performance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t it sad thought to know neither your team nor mine will play in the Grey Cup game?.. :?

Well, Edmonton probably won't, but I think Montreal still has a chance.

Ugly game for the Als...I hope that the 2nd half won't be as bad

Wow. I feel so disgusted now by this game, I think I now know what it must be like to be a Ticats fan.

I've known the feeling for the last 3 weeks. :lol: That was a beautiful thing. Now, if we blow a 24 point lead... :?

Id go out on a small(1 cm) limb and say your safe.


The sad thing is, would we had a TD instead of an interception, it would be a 10 points game. There would in fact BE a game. But a 24 points spread, especially when you scored about as many point in one half then you could normally do in a full game...

Gonna be a big season for Ray... 21 TDs already and still 7 1/2 games left.

Yup…he quietly goes about his job and doesnt even want credit. Class act all around, always will be.


Brrr, Als DBs suck...=/