Als-Esks game thread (Sept. 23)

Game is on now on TSN (1:13 p.m. ET).

Fleming FG -- 3-2 Eskimos

Edmonton makes a huge goal line stand and stuffs the Als three times inside the 2...Esks ball!

3-2 Esks after one quarter.

I'm moving my TV to my balcony, so i'll post periodically to update very big events and ends of quarters/halves only.

Enjoy the game.

Oski Wee Wee,

Big punt block by the Esks...6-2 Esks 2nd quarter

Keep up the good work I am at work and like the up dates on the game thanks

Als pick off Ray -- get the ball

6-2 Esks at the half -- key Brady fumble in Esk territory late in the 2nd quarter.

Damon Duval is out as Als kicker/punter with concussion symptoms following the blocked punt.

Cahoon (!) FG attempt wide for a single -- 6-3 Esks, 3rd quarter

Als' Ashlan Davis as emrgency punter concedes a safety -- 8-3 Esks.


11-3 Esks now

Maas has come in for Brady and yes, this is a snoozer. LOL

I agree

I even considered switching channels over to an NFL game. Then I smartened up.

13-3 Esks after the Als safety.

5:46 to go, still 13-3 Edmonton – Maccioia is challenging an incomplete pass call.

Bizarre...get the spot right, Johnson! Wrong 52 yd. line! Ugh!

First down, Edmonton.

Fleming chipshot FG -- 16-3 Esks

Maas to Watkins TD -- somebody found the end zone! LMAO

Als TD makes it 16-10.

Onside kick coming up...