Als-Esks game thread (July 9)

Hi folks -- the game is about to start on TSN (7:30 p.m)...ought to be fun!

Oski Wee Wee,

To quote the latest Jock Climism (as heard on the TSN pre-game):

"The Als started like gangbangers last week!" LMAO

Why do gangbusters get no love? :stuck_out_tongue:

Calvillo to Watkins -- 28 yd TD pass -- 7-0 Als, 11:14 left, 1st quarter

The Als are sure off to a good start. Very aggressive passing game in that first drive!

Crossing routes, stacked motion creating rubs off the line of scrimmage...that's exactly what the Cats need to do!!

Fumble by Ray, Als recover on the Esk 10

Als drive stalls, Duval misses a 37-yard FG for a single point. 8-0 Als.

Esks driving down the field -- good mix of run and pass -- big pass to Fred Stamps, pass dropped by Whitlock in the end zone!

22-yd FG attempt by Prefontaine is good -- 8-3 Als, just under five minutes left in the first quarter.

I had to laugh. I remember almost this exact quote from you 3 years ago! Anyway, too bad Whitlock didn't pull in the TD catch.

Esks keep it close when it looked like the Als were about to run away with it. Really looked like a possible blowout from the start. Could be still I guess. Montreal is certainly a better and more experienced team.

I am a long-playing record here, eh? LOL I can't believe how other teams use motion correctly and set guys up to separate open in space...and the Ticats can't!

Trestman's offense is fun to watch. Ricky Ray is the best QB in the league, IMHO -- so it's a recipe for a shootout!

Als have to punt...Esks ball inside their 20.

Montreal 'D' doing some nice work. The line play is creative and those young guys in the secondary can cover.

Ray sacked by Stewart -- Esks have to punt -- Als ball on their 54.

They will play a lot more man coverage this year.

Calvillo to Cahoon for a nice first down -- first quarter ends, 8-3 Als.

Als with 140 yards offense already!

I can dream.... can't I? Wouldn't it be nice to have confidence in the DB's like that? Challenge the other team to beat you instead of trying to hide weak spot. (Not that inserting a zone can't be a great thing but then each set becomes a tool and not a hiding spot.

Calvillo sacked by Taylor -- drive stalls -- 41 yd.FG attempt by Duval is badly wide left -- single point, 9-3 Als, 13:25ish left, 2nd quarter.

Ideally in the Canadian game, you want to mix zone and man. I loved Sudsy's approach to defensive game calling! Keep the QB off-balance!

Esks drive ent backwards -- another sack after an earlier loss -- Als have the ball after the punt on their 44.