Als-Esks game thread (July 30, 8:30 ET TSN)

Can the Als be stopped in Edmonton or will the Larks go 5-0?

Can the Esks build on their comeback win in Regina?

Stay's game day!


Oski Wee Wee,

i hope its not a blowout, im tired of watching blowouts,

If Edmonton can continue to play the way they did in the second half against Sask. i Expect this one to be fairly close.

Your faithful correspondent, enjoying his Barcardi Mojito, listening to Kurt Warner elaborating on the Cards being a weekly target this year as NFC champs on the NFL Network. LMAO

I LOVE FOOTBALL. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

1:12:00 to TSN!


37 minutes.

Is it me or does Als-Esks at Commonwealth summon memories of Woodcock going 99 yards for a TD reception in the 2002 Grey Cup?

Oh yeah – and the Stegall deal! LMAO

7 minutes until TSN.

Okay, so watching a 1998 NFL linemen skills competition on the NFL Network ain't the same as Jock Climie out-stiffing Dave Randorf on the TSN Panel. Bring it on! LMAO :wink:

Almost time for some football!

TSN coverage is on -- the pre-game panel will have discussion on the Bruce acquisition by the Tabbies.

Indeed. I suspect it might be close tonight.

I think so too.. hpopefully better football than we witnessed last week


I watch CFL X-Tra on ESPN Classic. When they get around to showing Shreveport-Memphis, I will make sure the iodine and razor blades are AWOL. Last week was the worst CFL doubleheader in memory. Flushable, lamentable, almost Glieberguys quality. LOL :wink:

The Bruce feature will be on momentarily.

Agreed, last week was awful. I hope it's close but I hope MTL wins, just for cross over reasons...


In Obie We Trust re Bruce LMAO

Schultzie nailed it re Obie having a clear idea on what works moving forward. Climie corporatisted it (my term) and Dunigan going on about QB discombobulation IS riveting -- let alone about Bruce freelancing. LMAO

Yea, not much good said about him....

Everybody knows (and I might be 2% off) that this IS Last Chance Saloon for Bruce, IMHO. An older receiver with rep issues…you understand the ground rules and you find a way to express your individuality within a team concept. It’s not an abstraction on a football fan board – it is what one owes his teammates to move forward. I trust a Floyd or a Goodspeed will have more to weigh in on that than me in my rather comfy armchair. LMAO

very true Russ

And we're undrway!

Cahoon at the marker. Clockwork. Hall of Famer!

Cahoon PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST the marker. LMAO Same deal!

59.999 becomes 60,000+.... NOW

AC: congrats!