Als-Esks Game available in Southern Ontario

Yesterday, after reading all the posts concerning the upcoming game, I turned my TV to channel 156 and was surprised to see TSN2. Cogeco has TSN2 although Cogeco did not send me any information on this. So, I assume the game in question will on on Sunday.

My experience with Cogeco is that at the introduction of a new channel, the company provides it free for one month after which the consumer is charged for this service.

That’s good news.

With bell, if you subscribe to TSN SD, you get TSN2 in SD and HD for free, along wiht TSNHD

Rogers cable in souther Ontario does not carry TSN2 and that covers Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and several other areas, which still leaves a lot of fans in the dark.

Yes I am one of them, luckily since im a habs fan i get RDS! GO FRENCH CFL!

Mountain Cablevision doesn't yet have TSN2, this sucks for :cry: