Guess what ! The Als were back practicing today. Not soon enough for us I guess.

According to Le Journal, Brouillette, who had his arm operated on, and Bekasiak will both miss 4-6 wks. but will be back this season.

Whitaker and Guy did some light working out with their rib problems, and Trestman said it was still too early to know if they can play next wk.

Earlier in the wk. the Eskimos signed the hot and cold DT Claude Wroten and he will play tonight against Sask.

Full credit to Le Journal. I'm amazed rds hasn't interviewed anybody at the golf yesterday. They always covered the event before.

It's too bad
Both Bekasiak and Brouilette will be missed

At least Shea Emry is playing great football
So we won't be hurting at MLB

not really an excuse but could it be because many of the rds reporters are in London?

I sure hope Whitaker is in game shape. His loss would be huge. Whitaker playing up to his potential = Ws!

Whitaker playing a pathetic Winnipeg team maybe
The Alouettes went into last game LAST in the league in rushing
So Whitaker or no Whitaker
We is in BIG trouble on the ground

Is there any starter on the Als you like?

They have canadian football at the olympics? :lol:

Not even a camera crew at today's practice.

eskies D is tough. Calvillo et al will have to be patient as per usual.

looks like we're the ones who will have to break the eskimos' perfect home record.

He loves Chip Cox...

I don't anticipate a great game on the ground, not because of Whitaker, but because Trestman is morbidly quick to abandon the run if it doesn't work early. If Brandon gets stuffed on one or two early runs, you won't see him carrying the ball for the rest of the game, unless we're comfortably ahead in the fourth quarter. :roll:

You need a balance offense to put points on the Eskimos. Ball has to get out in two boats or less. Jyles played well last night but the Riders were very arrogant on defense by loading up on Stamps and Jyles and their kids had a great night.

Watched the Sask-Edm game from beginning to end. And all i gotta say is our o-line better be ready to protect AC, or else we risk losing him for the whole season. Why did we ever get rid of TJ Hill??

I never understood that move and when we moved Cox to LB it proved it. Cox is very,very similar to TJ at LB.

Enjoyed the game last evening.Jyles demonstrates he can throw long. Sheets is super fast and shifty. Twice he completely reversed direction picking up tons of yardage on each attempt. It will of interest to see how our defense will cope with Jyles, Sheets etc. I missed my weekly Alouette show this past week.

Classic offense vs defense matchup.

Edmonton gives 10 to 22 points a game 16.7 Average. Does not matter against who. Lions could not put points on the board. So if we can't hold them to less than 22 points we can't win that game. Its a huge jump for our defense. That gives that up in one half of football so far. Als can't win this game without the D putting its best game so far this season.

Big jump. The highest number of points Edmonton has given up in a single game this season is still lower than the lowest number of points we've given up in a single game. :oops:

I don't expect us to win that game, frankly.

I'm looking forward to this game too, Montreal always plays well in Edmonton.

Any updates on Prude ?