Als, Elks Injury Reports: Ford sits Sunday, Cornelius to start for Edm

TORONTO — The Montreal Alouettes and Edmonton Elks have filed their injury reports ahead of their game on Thursday.

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I could almost feel sorry for Arbuckle here. I'll consider it...later.

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With both Ford and Locksley on the limp I guess it sort of forces your hand....can't help but think one of the 4 QB's may be moving soon.


I expect to see Arbuckle in Ottawa soon. Not playing him to protect him from injury which is standard protocol when a trade is imminent,


I would expect to see one of the other two off the injured list and a good performance by Cornelius before that happens unfortunately for Ottawa.

This week may decide who stays and who goes....


For a guy who was hyped as an up and coming star, things have gone sideways for Arbuckle. Calgary lets him walk; Ottawa gives up on him without him playing a game; in Toronto he gets beaten out for the starter's job by MBT of all people; in Edmonton Jones replaces him as the starter with a raw rookie; and his numbers this year are a less than impressive 75/115 with 9 TDs against 13 interceptions.

I guess he's just like Jonathan Jennings and James Franklin. Lots of hype, no substance.

Could be he just didn't get the coach he needs to perform well. He was great in Calgary when he went in for injured Mitchell. Chris Jones really did not give him any confidence to develop. Right from the Start he was not specified as the Starter. Only until game one did Jones put him in. Then he replaced Arbuckle with a fresh rookie.
Really doesn't say much about a coach who basically outcasted Arbuckle and put him under a lot of stress to perform.

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Very possible. Jones likes mobile QB's and Arbuckle doesn't fit the bill. He has had opportunities, but he has also had competition. The other part is Calgary always finds a way to protect real talent, and like Drew Tate before him, they didn't offer Arbuckle more than he was making at free agency.

From the start of training camp Cornelius was listed first on the depth chart but because he never got any help adapting to the Canadian game last year, showed some nerves and performance anxiety in preseason.

He did show promise last year with a very weak game plan so...I guess we will see this week what he's got...

Jones jacked around Kevin Glenn in a similar manner using Brandon Bridge and probably cost the Riders a GC appearance losing to Toronto in 2017.

He started off as a Stampeder...the phrase you're looking for is "all hat, no cattle".

...smaller herd anyway. He's a good quarterback but hasn't shown himself to be a great quarterback, yet.
I say that because I remember how Wilkinson used to start games in front of moon, right up to the year he retired. Moon was terrible as a starter his first few years here.

It can't be a discussion with an EE fan without Moon being brought up, can it? :wink: Sorry just have to harass and yes Moon wasn't great at first as many QBs weren't that good. There have been a few that were hot out of the gate only to regress quite hard after the honeymoon period was over.
Hell even Harris didn't really hit his stride as a RB until he landed in Winnipeg.

Part of it is understanding the differences between the three and four down game. I will bring up another name Jerome Messam. Fantastic back until he went to the NFL and they taught him to run like a 4 down back. When he came back? He was terrible.

So what's your over/under on the number of picks Cornelius throws this week? I'm gonna say 4. Should stick with Arbuckle most amount of upside with him IMO but I get the feeling Jones just doesn't like him and he's not one to adapt to a players strengths.

Arbuckle did well in Calgary under the tutelage of Hufnagel and Dickenson. But that's the best QB system in the CFL. In Toronto his play went from bad to worse. I think Dinwiddie 'undid' a lot of what Arbuckle learned from his best of breed instructors. Except for Tre Ford's early success Edmonton has turned out to be a QB graveyard.

If Ottawa gets Arbuckle I don't know if anything will change. I think he needs to make a pilgrimage to Master Hugnagel's place in the offseason and shovel his walk in return for guidence (like when Master Miyagi guided the Karate Kid). Wash on... wash off. did Drew Tait. In the well disciplined Calgary offence almost any QB can look good. When they get out of that they need the leadership to hold guys accountable to get the discipline to execute.

Lets be fair - he came here so the Argo's could dump his bonuses. The fact we didn't play him last year was either part of a plan to make sure he wasn't damaged goods so they could move him or something else.

Jones inherited him. He must have seen something he liked or he would have moved him before now. He got the ball, several times and played well - but at this point with 4 QB's here I have been waiting for someone to move.

Obviously, with events last weekend Ottawa was buying and Elks were selling. Good on the organization for not asking a premium for him in the situation. We got a 4th round pick and rights to a QB who is in the NFL (equivalent to a popcorn fart).

In the end Arbuckle another chance to play that he wasn't going to get here. I hope he plays well.

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Chris Jones did very well to get something for a QB he was going to unload anyway. If Ottawa could've waited they might've gotten Arbuckle for nothing. But then either Hamilton or Montreal might've snatched him away. If Cornelius doesn't pan out soon he might be the next QB Jones jettisons. If that happens maybe Ottawa will get TWO shots at replacing Masoli here.

I think he was undergoing 4 down conversion therapy. He had no help with that last year and still despite the horrifying team managed a win or two (I don't want to remember last year...) He has the skills, a cannon for an arm, he can run, and he's not a small guy.

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True. I wonder what he did in the offseason? If I was Cornelius I'd be seeking out some great CFL quarterbacking mind for guidence. Jeff Garcia ran a QB academy a while back. We all know what Jon Hufnagel brings to the table as a teacher.

Maybe Tom Wilkenson is still living in the area. He had a terrific influence on Warren Moon's career.

Yup Wilkies still here, used to be a customer of mine....(I guess he could teach him his cadence for third downs.) He was the master. At times it was like teams expected they were going to jump.

Realistically, Who did he have to learn from?

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