Als dominate at home to win second straight against REDBLACKS

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes seem to be playing their best football as we approach the post-season.

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Interesting. Second place in the East might yet come down to the final game, Hamilton at Montreal. Hamilton has been better on the road this season, so if they travel for the Semi-Final, they have a good chance.

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Ottawa was so bad today, Montreal didn’t even need their safety Dequoy who is arguably the best defensive player in the east. He didn’t have to help out on one play today

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Montreal certainly dominated Ottawa in today’s game - but that was no surprise really. I didn’t think the Als played all that well, despite the good play of Philpot and Fletcher. I believe they will finish in second spot as a result of today’s game - but they will have more than they can handle when they have to play Hamilton in the playoffs. Today’s game was pretty boring.


So great to have a game on a stat holiday, even one as one sided like this one. Wish we could have football on Sundays.

A barn burner it wasn’t, but it was special to me for the reason I thought I had missed all the games this weekend. Getting home Sunday evening & finding out there was still a game to be played was sweet. I’ll take it, warts & all.:+1:


Kinda how i feel the first week there is no FNF. It means the season is winding down and we are into the playoffs.

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Our Team in the Nations Capital is putrid, again this year in every aspect, From the G.M. and coaching staff and starting to question if Ownership gives a crap. Long time fans are going to start checking out if they can’t even have a 500 season. Its just not fun watching this teams Ground Hog Day Operation.

It’s rather hard to believe that after going to 3 Cups in your first 5 years of existence and actually winning it all in only your 3rd year that you have fallen so far in the last 4 years after having all that initial success .

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Yes, the team was gutted right after that by then G.M. Desjardin. and we lost our head coach Rick Campbell as well. terrible decisions were made.

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Oh believe me being a Cats fan I know all about Desjardins and his destructive ways in destroying a franchise firsthand .

While he was here he made some of the most idiotic personnel moves thru insane trades and releases of players that absolutely gutted the team from top to bottom . Believe me there was not a fan of the Cats that was not happy when the team finally fired his inept ass and kicked him to the curb.

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Losing Burris definitely hurt.


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