Al's Dirty Hit

It was exactly the type of play that we need to eliminate from our league, and it's not Venable's first shot of that type this year. This is the type of play that the NCAA reviews (during the game) and they eject players for. This was not a football play, this was an intent to injure.

Shame on the CFL for not setting a precedent that these are NOT OKAY.

No doubt a dirty hit that should of been called, I also noticed a helmet hit on DD's TD that was never called also. This has got to be called every time, for player safety and make it a big penalty. Yes sometimes there no intent and it happens, but the players need to be aware at all times about helmet hits!

Here is a gif of the hit

I don't think it was a dirty hit. It looks to me like he went facemask to chest.
Now before you all start calling me a homer or troll again....
AS pointed out
The refs did not throw a flag... but we all know they are incompetent

But why, it this was such a dirty play, didn't the rider players who were closer than the refs react to it? Normally you would see them pushing and shoving after a dirty hit. They didn't! They just walk away.
Durant has a clear view.....nothing
Number 3 has a clear view...nothing

Here is a video
Note everyone's reaction

Click on it

First time on the board. As a general fan of sports - who is female and has played basketball and hockey - 2 contact sports - if you see the development of the play from the video provided - this would be equivalent to boarding in hockey. The defensive player was coming in from the side and could have easily just pushed the offensive player out of bounds. Its a cheap hit and when you are dealing with the upper chest / neck area / face - when the offensive player is not even crunched down - wow it even makes it worse. Just my opinion and I'm from Montreal.

He leads with the crown of his helmet, and elevates himself for no reason other than to go helmet on helmet. Whether someone's teammates react in anger or not at all is irrelevant to the actual hit itself. It's a textbook helmet to helmet hit.

Ill agree that it was cheap...he only had to push him O O B
But it is not equivalent to boarding....because there is no such thing in football....There is no rule that prevents a player from leaving his feet

it was legal

The team's reaction is totally relevant!
If they thought there should have been a flag they would have said something....done something they didn't
Neither did the refs

The fans who think it was a dirty hit are all in an uproar! (which is fine)
The players just shrug their shoulders and walk away?

The gif tells me it was a hit to the chest
The reaction by the people around confirms it

Rule 7, Sect 2, Article 3, Sect. F of CFL rulebook, under MAJOR FOULS

i Using the helmet as the initial or primary point of contact to butt, ram,
spear, or deliver a blow to an opponent who is in a vulnerable position, including
but not limited to, a passer, a receiver in the act of catching a pass, a ball carrier
in the grasp of another tackler or a ball carrier on the playing surface not
attempting to advance,

Spear: When a player leaves their feet and launches themselves at an
opponent and uses their helmet as the primary point of contact to deliver a blow
to an opponent.

[url=] ... e-Book.pdf[/url]

primary point of contact was his face mask....not his helmet!

and his feet left the ground after the hit!

How about you?
Can you explain why
2 refs 5 feet away didn't throw a flag
3-4 rider players 5 feet away had ZERO reaction to it

If they though it was dirty there would have been some reaction but they reacted like it was an every day tackle
No body on the field said a word...Not number 3 not Durant not the refs not Jones!

And there was not even the tell-tale CRACK when 2 helmets collide

Sorry clean hit

That was clear helmet to helmet. The video is clear. He will get fined .

Hey are you on drugs, It was unnessary roughness, helmet to helmet, and spearing, take your pick, it should of been called, regardless of whom the hit was on or team! all he had to do was push him out
.it was a dirty hit... period!

It was a clear hit to the chest...the video is clear
It was clear to the refs and the SSK players as well
Clean hit

Are you on drugs?
You make up the rules as you go along?
Since when is it a penalty to NOT push someone out of bounds?
yes he could have, prob should have…but its not unnecessary roughness for not doing so
It was helmet to chest
His feet left the ground after the hit!

At least Dust bothered to reply to my points about the lack of reaction.
Only fans are bothered by this
That says a lot

The end result at the end of the game, 2 Riders lying on the field and a lot of pink penalty flags in the refs back pockets

Good slow mo replay by one of the posters here. As we can clearly see, he did not leave his feet until after the hit was made and it is clear in the video that it was not helmet to helmet. Interestingly, even if they had called a penalty, there was a blatant hold by Saskatchewan player on the Montreal player seen diving after the ball carrier that was not called. Maybe if the Saskatchewan player had not cheated by holding the Montreal player who would have been first in on the tackle that brutal hit would not have happened. Karma huh.

The Last Word

Venable received a fine for spearing BC Lions QB Jon Jennings in week 7

He may/should be getting another fine for the same infraction tomorrow.

I don't believe the hit was dirty... just a hard hit at the end of the game... it looks like the principal point of contact was the shoulder. Given the league's history of inconsistency on head shots.... I wouldn't be surprised if they at least review it... and it anyone's guess on wether they issue a fine or not...

We might also see a fine on the WWF style toss on Adams.

I have reached a verdict.

The tackle was a clean hit on a Sask player who was caught upright moving parallel to the sidelines and got thudded to the ground rather easily because he was out of gas after his run.

This one?