Als destroyed in BC - ready for the taking?

Considering the Als play of late and especially last night’s horrendous outcome, are they going to be more or less difficult to beat at home?

Three straight losses for the Als can not bode well for them going into the playoffs!

Are they truly on the rapid decline or are they prepared to bounce back even stronger?

My gut tells me that considering the importance of last night’s game that they CAN be beat at home by our Cats.

If our defensive schemes can bring the heat like B.C. did last night we have a good chance at victory. We need all of our players fit, focused and ferocious!

Go Cats!

It’s a new season and our first opponent is fragile…


Someone said once that there is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal. The injuries that Montreal has accumulated actually has me concerned that the Cats will look at that and may develop some, if not too much confidence. I hope they prepare for a healthy Als team.

The extra time that Hamilton has going into this week, along with the rested starters from last game will, I hope, make them more energetic and ferocious.

Chambline, I believe, will need to go back and look again at his Labour day schemes. His aggressive designs put the Als on their heels and totally frustrated Calvillo. Our offense will need to take advantage of the Montreal injuries and get the running game going early so any Als pass rush will be pushed back.

I like our chances, but we also need to wary.

Both Montreal and Winnipeg are two birdies sitting on the fense waiting for a CAT to come along swallow them-up.

Got some BBQ sauce, cause we are having wings!!

It all depends on which team Ti-Cat team shows up in Montreal. If the 'bad' one does, we don't stand a chance. If the 'good' Ti-Cat team comes out and we're ready to play, then I'd say that even beating Montreal in their home stadium is possible.

I recall after the labour day game that the Cats players all stated that they were very focused on the job they had to do. Their mental preparation was credited with having them play a superior game. This is going to be paramount from our coaching staff. Can they get the troops to be focused enough to play at their maximum potential? I believe that coaches like Wally, MarkT., and Huff can do it. They have proven it. Can Marcel and the assistants do it for us? Can they do it for three consecutive games? This will determine their futures in the Hammer.

Days off to rest and a depleted Montreal secondary help a lot. Trestman can't bring back talent off the injured list by coaching. We must exploit this.

Focus and execution and a solid game plan will be the keys to a win.

Can't wait!

Does anyone think that it might be a bit of an adjustment for the Als as well, moving from McGill to the Big "O".? Maybe enough to take away a bit of homefield advantage? Also, always hated having to play a team that had its nose rubbed in it the week before. It was bad enough that some of the players, even AC, visibly lost their cool. All in all though, I think the Als are far from going into this as a sure thing. Have to keep a close eye on the injury reports this week.

It's now or never -- in a football sense. There were basic breakdowns in the Als secondary that Khari and the offensive headset honchos need to exploit. I do subscribe to the wounded animal = danger scenario, but tigers are programmed to take those suckers down, no? LOL :wink:

I have never seen an Als team tank a game as the Als did last night since the daze of Rod Rust. I packed it in at halftime -- Montreal did after the first offensive drive. Ugly!

Oski Wee Wee,


Three losses in a roll, and a game like that last night with first place on the line? Wow! I think the Als need to fire Popp, and Trestman and all his assistants. Definitely, they should be looking for a new QB, They could use a running back and a new line as well...

As an aside to all the Bellefeuille-haters out there who say that MB doesn't show any emotion or inspire the team. Do you ever check the look on Trestman's face during the game when the Al's are either winning or losing? The guy shows absolutely no emotion at all. The most stone-faced coach in the league, but probably the most professional coach in the league.

IMO....The lose of T. Grant and Hage will greatly reduce the production of the offence. Without them we don't
have a fighting chance of beating Montreal in their statium.

Thats how I see it folks! :cowboy: :cowboy: There's always next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I agree! I bet all of their season-ticket holders aren't going to renew, until they fire all management and coaching staff and hire personel that a fan wants!

An excellent example and comparison mightypope.

What matters is how the coaching staff act and what they say inside in dressing room and in private with the players. What emotions and reactions they exhibit in public really are not relevant in the overall football scheme of things however they do seem to cause some unwarranted stress for a few members of Ticat fandom.


How capable are you in directing the team? What is your capacity to game plan? How much attention to detail do you command? How do the men in that locker room respect you? Those are the ONLY questions that matter. The rest are media and fan optics.

Trestman is a superb game planner and playcaller. His standards are extremely high. His players have proven over time that they respect him and respond to him. His demeanour in-game is in the tradition of great play callers like Landry and Walsh. You can have all the histrionics and Frank Kush baby-eating death stares all you like on the sidelines, but the results matter. That is all.

Oski Wee Wee,


Rational thoughts!

A very rare occurence on a board such as this but very welcome.

Thanks Geroy et al....

@geroysimon Geroy Simon [i]@AvonCobourne remember our convo after we played? Go get it next week. We gave you the blue print.[/i]
@AvonCobourne Avon Cobourne [i]@geroysimon yes sir.. Thanks n we are going to implement it to perfection. Great game to bra hoping u was goin to get that record. Next yr![/i]
Let's go implement them!!!