Als Destroy Argos

In this game the Als dominated on both offence and defense. They have demolished the three other eastern teams and, it will be interesting to look at future games with teams from the West. Calvillo was superb- he even made several planned runs that were over ten yards and made one running touchdown. The offensive line gave him good protection and, he appears to be throwing the ball with more quickness this year. Cahoon, Watkins and J Richardson excelled. Mike Imoh replaced Colbourne and demonstrated potential. There was a great defense rush with Claybrooks dropping back once to show some skill as a pass defender.

For Toronto their QB was running for his life, although the Als made at least two QB sacks. I believe they are still second in the league but for the running of Kerry Joseph they would lead the CFL at this point in sacks. The one Alouette who has increased his level of play is Brian Bratton. In the past few games he has played well as a 4th receiver. Danny Desriveaux replaced Deslaurier and caught several passes.

Toronto were hopelessly out classed. Dorsey was his usual splended self and, Reg Mcneil showed why he was drafted by the NFL [ not as his regular QB slot but as a receiver] as he has earned his place with Toronto. Actually it might be interesting to look at him the next few years as he played well as a QB in his college years and, the Argos need QB help.

Montreal, at both offense and defense, were the better team by far.

Our D made Joseph look like a third string QB this afternoon.

Cool photosynth I made of the game today from the south side bleachers. Lots of great cheerleader shots (Toronto sorry).

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als mauled the argos without cobourne, its gonna be a cake walk into the grey cup for the Als, hopefully they win it all and riot.

In a previous thread (What a Sad Win), danpel wrote: "AC has a lot of passing yards (great), a lot of TD passes (fantastic), but he's definitely the leading QB in the league when it comes to choking in the clutch."
All I can say is jerks like danpel will never be satisfied. AC now has, what is it?, 27 TD passes vs. 5 interceptions? Over 3,000 yards passing?
Danpel, if a glass was 4/5 full, you would complain that it was 1/5 empty.
You're a crappy fan, danpel, and you should go #%&@ yourself.

To which danpel replies:
Oh yeah? What about the two easy field goals Duval flubbed and Cahoon's fumble at the Argo 10. The Als blew it! They were lucky to escape with a win.

Absolute domination today. The score actually flattered the Argos. If Duval hits those field goals early, the score is even more lopsided.

Calvillo played his best game from start to finish this season. He overthrew a few receivers early, but very quickly settled into a magnificent rhythm. He was calm and collected, he made his reads accurately, got the ball where it needed to be, and would probably have scored even more if Desriveaux and (of all people) Cahoon hadn’t turned the ball over. This was dissection plain and simple. Calvillo torched the Boatmen and there was not a damn thing they could do about it.

Defensively, a bounce-back performance for the D-line.

Special teams? Arg. Yes, Taylor getting his first punt-return TD was great, but it came after Dorsey burned on a kickoff. Of the three kickoffs returned for TDs this year LEAGUE-wide, two were against us. I repeat: I want Scott Squires fired at the end of the season.

Imoh was solid throughout, and sparkled at times. He’s no Cobourne, but he did a great job filling in, and (I didn’t realize this) he’s only 24! If we develop him properly, he could be a cornerstone of our running game for the next 4-5 years.

Insightful post, discipline. What I've noticed about the Als organization, compared to other years, is that it plans ahead.

Compared to previous years? Als allways planned ahead, not sure from what planet you landed from.

DOnt forget Cahoons fumble inside the 10. Im not blaming him but that could have been another 7.
7 plus the 6 on missed field goals and the Als could have had 58 Points!!!!!!!!!

SectionW wrote: Compared to previous years? Als allways planned ahead, not sure from what planet you landed from.

The most recent example of a lack of proactive thinking was the failure to develop quarterbacking to where there will be a smooth transition post-Calvillo. This has since been remedied.
In the latter 1970s and early 1980s, the Als were a power that couldn't sustain their winning record because they depended too much on returning veterans and didn't nurture quality replacements. Granted, much of the blame in that case can be blamed on the ownership of that jackass Nelson Skalbania and his catch-a-falling-star-and-put-it-in-your-pocket recruting style.
In respopnse to your snarky remark, I "land from a planet" closer to home, as opposed to your planet; where the sky is either mauve or chartreusse, the air is so thick it suffocates the brain and the inhabitants do naught all day but gaze into their own navels.

Agreed. We were guilty of not planning ahead in the past (Tavares Bolden? Ted White? uh, okay), but I really like where we're headed now. In every area of the team, we have a nice mix of old vets, new vets, and promising young talent. Some examples:

Cahoon is still a valuable contributor, but we have Desriveaux, who the coaches appear to be grooming to fill the same "undersized but dogged slotback with good hands" role. Bratton is contributing more and more, particularly in the red zone, which will help in case Watkins does decide to try out with an NFL team in the offseason.

The O-line is old, but has received a nice infusion of new blood in Bourke and Perrett. Bourke in particular looks to be a lock at the blindside tackle position for years to come.

On the D-line, Stewart and Claybrooks are the vets, but Bowman and Williams are young bucks who are only going to get better.

Our linebackers are in the prime of their careers.

Our secondary is very young, apart from Sanchez.

Behind Calvillo, we have the heir apparent Brady, and a cadre of young, talented QBs (McPherson, Santos) to fight for a job when A.C. decides to retire.

Our Canadian talent looks great with Desriveaux, Woldu, Bourke, Perrett, Kerry Carter, Emry, Boulay, and Spencer either already filling important roles or distinguishing themselves on special teams and waiting for their chance to crack the roster on offense or defense.

I was hoping they would give Brady a bit of game time by the end since the outcome was sealed. The guy hasn't put a foot on the field yet. Bradyhas done a good job last year, he is showing a positive attitude on the side lines, I think the team owes him that.

Maybe I'm just a big softy but it kind of makes me feel bad to see this guy on the side line, doing nothimg game after game. Also that could prevent AC from getting uselessly injured.

If things keep going this well, I agree. Should the Als need him down the stretch where the game is a must win like what happened to Glenn last season. He won't have been 13 months without game time.

Agreed. Once the game is in the bag(won or lost) they should take AC out and play Brady. No sence letting AC risk injury and Brady needs the playing time