Als Depth Chart Online is from 2022

Does anyone know where the 2023 Depth Chart is?

There isn’t one per say. You have to piece it together yourself to get the best WAG.

They’ve updated the depth chart page. Depth chart - Montreal Alouettes

It’s still from last year.

Damn, you’re right. I saw May 26 and assumed it was yesterday’s game.

They post them per game. If you go to the game on the schedule on, click on GameTracker, on the nest page the navigation bar under the header where the Get Tickets button is, find Game Notes.

When you open that you can view the per game depth charts.

Generally - there is no preseason depth chart posted any more - don’t know why, they just don’t post them.

Ottawa’s was there last night.

Montreal’s was as well…I was looking at it pre-game. Those are the depth charts that must be submitted before the game to the CFL.

You are right. That’s where they all are. Thank you!

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