Als Depth Chart 2021

Brown had a pretty stellar resume coming out of Western (injured though); interesting that the Stamps let him go; more good competition for the Als O-line at TC.

David Brown had a single start at Left Tackle in the Spring league but did not look good from the little I saw. Cole Boozer was also in that league and played Right Tackle, so he could be an option there if Jason Lauzon-Seguin is not adequate & the team is willing to start another Canadian elsewhere.

From the team's website:

"Many young receivers will be there for training camp this year. Eager to see them compete to find out which of them will be able to crack the roster offence."

Prince Charles Iwora
Kaion Julien-Grant
Jordan Lasley
Chris Osei-Kusi
Teo Redding
Nelson Spruce
Wesley Sutton
Reggie White Jr

Emily would not have made this mistake.

Maciocia saying there will be 100 or so players at camp.

« Je suis convaincu que tout le monde sera prĂ©sent et qu’ils seront prĂȘts physiquement et mentalement. Mais sur les 100 joueurs au camp, est-ce qu’il y aura une ou deux surprises ? Ça se peut. C’est lĂ  que ce sera trĂšs important d’avoir de la profondeur pour aller chercher les 65 joueurs nous offrant le plus haut niveau de compĂ©tition », a-t-il indiquĂ©.

I am fairly certain there will be a 3 day rookie camp where at least 20 players will be released to get down to whatever is the maximum training camp roster size for 2021.

Arash Madani previously stated that 2020 draft picks are counted against the roster while the 2021 draftees are non-counters.

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Foucault might get a look at OT to compete with Lauzon-Seguin there.

And if the Als get real lucky, 2020 draft pick Carter O'Donnell might get cut from his NFL gig and come up to compete at OT.

They might think of going with 2 import OTs; leaving real tough competition for the interior spots: Matte a fixture, but then vets like Lauzon-S, Foucault, Gagnon, Rice, vs. youngsters like Thomassin, Brown, Wilkinson. A couple of decent O-Linemen will likely get cut.

Als are loaded with Canadian talent for limited spots. LB, and receiver as well.

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I presently count 112 players on the off-season roster, i.e. 67 A and 47 N. While 44 players will be on active roster, there will be, from what I did read, 13 players on practice roster and 5 players on taxi squad, for the time A players have to quarantine. So we are talking at least 62 players.

The players on taxi squads can be signed by another team, anytime; if, for example, team A has many injured receivers, this team can sign another receiver from another team.


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It looks like we've lost Emily, she's no longer listed on the much leaner team personnel website. She was married to Tyrell Sutton, thought she did a great job with her interviews. She was so petite I saw her once changing to high heels so the guy she was interviewing wouldn't tower so much over her.

Yeah, they let Emily go awhile back.

League also previously released Brodie Lawson and said she at the time that is not returning. When she was doing video segments with Davis Sanchez, Sanchez had to stand on something so their heights would match.

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Jeremy O'Day has said CFL training camp roster limit will be 100 including non-counters. So there will have to be some cuts or perhaps retirements as we've seen with other teams.

So then counters are counted?....or not counted?

Non-counters are counted, so I guess they are counters. :anguished:

Jeremy O'Day actually said they are bringing in 100 players. To me, that means the number of players being flown in. No way would 100 players remain for a full 3 weeks of training camp. Derek Taylor said the first cuts are 10 days into camp, but I still anticipate there will be some sort of rookie camp to reduce the roster before the main camp.

Receiver Malachi Jones said he is transitioning away from football as he has a job opportunity in the real world. He just signed with an Indoor League to finish out the season and then after that, probably retire.

I'm sure you are right!
Usually there is a max number after each week and cuts are made to reach that number

Bombers & Riders are talking joint practices, perhaps something Als & Redblacks should consider, health protocols permitting.

Not sure the Ontario Que border is open yet....they did announce any day now

But its nice to the that the number 1 and number 3 most infected provinces are working together

This is BS. There is no such thing as "joint practices" in football. They are called "organized scrimmages".

I personally do not care. But the league should structure this like anything else.

Technically nothing prevents a rich owner like for example MLSED from starting a "new" team not attached to the league and used them for their CFL team to practice with and sign players from.

Can you imagine the moaning from the Prairies when the Argos would practice twice a week against the Toronto ArgoJays Inc ? :joy:

That is an excellent would also bypass the salary cap and roster limits
I am also surprised that the CFLPA and the comish is allowing it...but hey! It's the west

Re opened yesterday.

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Especially the CFLPA because the goal of these practices is mostly to evaluate and acclimatize rookies. So vets take the hit...

Nothing to prevent Eastern teams from practicing together

Several NFL teams do this all the time.

ro....why do you think this is a gift to the west. Not arguing here just want to hear your issues with it.