Als Depth Chart 2021

Vernon Adams
Matt Shiltz
Phillip Nelson
James Peterson

William Stanback
Juwan Washington
Dominick Bragalone

Spencer Moore *
Christophe Normand *

Eugene Lewis
BJ Cunningham
Jake Wieneke
Naamen Roosevelt
Dante Absher
Natey Adjei *
Régis Cibasu *
Félix Faubert-Lussier *

Tony Washignton
Donald Hawkins

Phillipe Gagnon *
Landon Rice *
Samuel Thomassin *

Kristian Matte *

Sean Jamieson *
David Foucault *
Zach Wilkinson

Jason Lauzon-Séguin*

Nick Usher
Antonio Simmons
David Ménard *
Bo Banner *

Almondo Sewell
Datone Jones
Woody Barron
Michael Wakefield
Junior Luke *

Chris Ackie *
Alexandre Chevrier *

Tre Watson
DJ Lamala *
Frederic Chagnon *
Alexandre Gagné *

Patrick Levels

Tyquwan Glass
Najee Murray
Dominique Termansen *
Kerfalla Exumé *

Greg Reid
Money Hunter
Marc-Antoine Deqoy *
Davonte Davis

Marc-Antoine Deqoy *
Ty Cranston

Tyler Crapigna *

Mario Alford

Pierre-Luc Caron *
Martin Bédard *

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It looks like we are missing a punter.

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I agree not sure Crapigna can punt

C'mon, our offense is going to be so good we won't need one!

But just in case isn't Brière a punter?


Sheldon you took the words right out of my mouth; I was just about to post the very same thing !

It's what great minds do. :slightly_smiling_face:

is that an indication that Tre Watson is plan to be the starting MLB ?

May not necessarily be the 'plan', but as things stand now I'd guess he has the inside track.

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There are over 100 players on the Als roster, same as most teams I think.

There likely won't be rookie camp or pre-season games, probably just a very condensed training camp. So how the heck will a team be able to properly evaluate all these guys to get down to a 46 man roster?!


Only 2 QBs on the roster this year(Was supposed to start last year) More Stupidity from the comish

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I know, they will fight for the #2

Oh I thought that was your final roster

Well I still think Nelson will beat out Shiltz.

Give that as much credence as any of my other predictions. . . which is to say, not a whole lot.

There has to be some sort of rookie/free agent/mini-camp before the main training camp in order to trim the roster down to a manageable number. We will just have to wait for the exact details on how such player evaluations will be implemented.

There is no limit on the number of QB's on a roster. What changed was the number of designated QB's dressed on gameday. Now, the number is 2. Should a team choose to dress a 3rd quarterback, there would be a reduction of 1 American (if the QB is American) elsewhere on your roster that could play in that game. Same principle would apply if you want to dress a Canadian or a Global as your #3 QB.

Teams wanting to carry the traditional 3 QB's will likely just rotate their 2nd and 3rd QB's on the 1-game injured list. That is because the 3rd quarterback dressed is almost never a factor in the outcome of the game. Teams would rather have the extra positional player.

You could obviously carry more than 3 QB's by placing the extras on the 6-game injured list or assigning them to the practice roster.

My guess is that the starting mlb for Game #1 is currently not on the Alouettes roster.

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I'm sure their will be a competition in training camp. The way DJ Lalama played last year, he deserves a shot.

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We are back to old school CFL when the Backup of the backup QB played special teams, held the ball or kicked it.

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Appreciate the disclaimer (lol), but I would be very afraid if Shiltz is not #2 starting the season. Shiltz has been in this system for 3+ years now. What is it that makes you uncomfortable with Shiltz vs starting completely over with someone new to the league and the system ?.

It's not that I am uncomfortable with Shiltz, just that he's been with us for several years and really hasn't shown much. Nelson I think has more talent and ability, and what I saw from him in the AAF and the XFL was, I think, superior to what I've seen from Shiltz. Plus, we've signed WR Nelson Spruce, and Philip Nelson and he had some really good chemistry as they played together in the AAF.

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I don't think any of the AAF guys will have much of an impact. I like Shiltz because of his experience, with this team. Any new guy would be limited in a new system, and a new league. I think Shiltz can be as effective as Dane Evans, given a chance. A real chance, not just a series, or a game here and there.

Well, here's hoping there will be a season this year, so we can find out.