Als coverage worst ever

Since Calvillo was named to replace Schonert, Montreal media has completely dropped Als coverage. Team has pretty much become a non factor, worst than in Toronto. Not sure how they will fix this but its not good.

La saison de la NFL est commencée. Donc, on alimente les Think Big, 'stie!

D’autre part, je ne suis pas si choqué dans la mesure où les derniers évènements n’avaient rien de reluisant pour l’équipe. J’aime autant que les média n’en parlent pas qu’ils s’unissent pour en parler en mal.

Im afraid I dont necessarily agree. Team was off for it`s bye week, so really nothing to cover.

Team back practicing today, Didier, Herb, and Joey Alfieri of TSN 690 are at practice. Als This Week will be on tonight with Popp.

If the team continues to show poorly, I don`t expect less coverage, probably more as some(not all) reporters love to pile on.

Yup, La Presse loves to crap on the Als, maybe because Mr. Wetenhall did not hire a Québécois coach as Philippe Cantin would have liked.

Your right but even with a by week, there should be more news with everything that is going on. Yes if things don't improve the nelly's will be out in full force ...

I do agree with Sheldon; difficult to cover the Als when they are away for more than 10 days. This being said, it's a though sell ,particularly when they don't win regularly and when there are no future stars to cheer for.With the beginning of NHL training camps, the emergence of the Impact and the beginning of the 2015 NFL season, it will be tougher than ever. They have to win.

I would appreciate if the team was to give more information regarding Rakeem Cato; while we don't need all the details, it will be interesting to know if he will come back soon or this year. I am starting to wonder.

Again, in agreement with Sheldon, I don't understand why Jim Popp did not try to get Nichols; Winnipeg only gave a seventh draft choice; easier to have done better. I am still of the opinion that Jim Popp should try to get Kevin Glenn,particularly if Cato does not return soon. As George Allen used to say "The future is now". A third or fourth round choice for Glenn won't compromise the future. Crompton and Marsh are not the answers. I would prefer if Brandon Bridge was playing instead of Crompton or Marsh.


Sask. also in a must win situation and it looks like Glenn will be starting for them going forward.

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As for Cato, the team itself probably doesn`t know the length of his absence. Unfortunate, but family has to come first. Perhaps Timothy knows more.

We don’t know that Popp didn’t try to get Nichols but when you factor that the Als were not interested in Tebow it validates their comments that they want to give the guys they have an opportunity. I’d rather lose with a kid then lose with a Glenn or a Nichols.

Oui, mais Nichols coûte vraiment pas cher!

I will await judgement on Nichols until he has played a few games, and against someone other than the RRs.

[i]Johnny can't stand that Philippe Cantin :thdn:

The only thing that puts some torque in that guy's spring, is the Nordiques returning to Québec City. He has been prattling on about that for years now. BLA BLA BLA... Get a life and Shut up already! :roll: [/i]

He's even dumber looking than when he was 20 years ago. :lol:

C'était un jeu de mots... :wink:


[i]Cantin, yeah!

Another Montreal journalist Johnny cannot stand is Bertrand Raymond! He was a fixture at "Le Journal de Montréal" for eons. Now he writes for RDS.

With Bertrand Raymond, it's always about "Le canadien des années 70". Quand Flower comptait 4 buts en 3e période pour enterrer l'adversaire et que le CH a gagné 16 coupes stanley de suite, BLA BLA BLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live in the past much there Bert?!

As bad as Raymond is, Réjean Tremblay is just as bad, maybe even worse. He wrote all of those tacky "Lance et compte" overly melodramatic TV series. His columns in La Presse were so pasty and thick even Rick Moffat called him out!

The french press for sports in Montreal is pathetic. Cantin is following in their footsteps!

The worst thing you can say about Herb, is that he is a grumpy grinch! Understandable. But seriously, read Herb's twitter. Besides drinking cheap blended Scotch (Chivas) with ice, and that burrito canteen, he does not like a lot of stuff.

Herb. Johnny will do you a favour. Drop blended Scotch. Single malt is much better. ESPECIALLY Islay Scotch! Try some 12 or 15 year Bowmore. You'll thank Johnny! :smiley:

AND NO ICE! [/i]

You want Herb to drink like a man ? :lol:

Yup! That is what Johnny was trying to say without actually saying it. Johnny is not a blunt type of guy :wink:

Johnny, Herb,

If you're going to go Islay, try Laphroag. Now you're talking serious peat smoke.

PS: No ice goes without saying.

Speaking of bad coverage, the front page of today's Hournal let Habs fans know that the team was in excellent physical shape. Clearly this is more newsworthy than the Blue Jay's win yesterday evening, the return of the one Als QB with any passing ability, or coverage of the federal candidates debate. Enquiring minds want to know.

On va rectifier quelques points:

Premièrement: Bertrand Raymond ne couvre pas les Alouettes ça n'a jamais été sa job et ça ne le sera jamais. Il suit le "beat" du CH depuis des années. Oui il commente parfois, mais il ne couvre pas les Alouettes de Montréal. Il n'est pas à considéré à mon sens.

Deuxièment: Réjean Tremblay a quitté La Presse depuis 2011 (....) il est aussi un grand fan des Alouettes (Oui oui je le sais ... les Alouettes de Etcheverry , mais ça reste quand même un fan).

Pour ce qui est de Cantin il couvre presque tout ce qui est sportif pour La Presse, je ne vois pas vraiment comment il devrait être considéré comme un spécialiste des Alouettes quand il est un généraliste !?

Qui suit les Alouettes plus spécifiquement au Québec, au niveau médiatique ?

  • L'équipe RDS de Varcheval qui fait quand même un très bon travail, suivi assez quotidien sur RIS et le réseau RDS.
  • COGÉCO Radio donne quand même une très bonne couverture et assez régulière (Jacque Dussault, etc.)
  • Montreal Gazette
  • Le Journal de Montréal
  • La presse (oui j'avoue ... c'est plutôt NFL)

En dehors de La Presse depuis quelques années je ne vois pas il est où le problème.

p.s Mon journal régional a presque toujours 1 page complète sur la couverture des Alouettes