Als come through in pressure-filled week

HAMILTON โ€” There was a two-game losing streak, some consistently inconsistent play and a cellar-dwelling opponent suddenly at their heels in the standings.

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After a slow start to the season we've been treated to some good games lately. This weekend has tightened up the standing race, barring Winnipeg, who are pulling away.
Good stuff๐Ÿ˜

Yaa..... they did

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The Hamilton Tiger Cats Defense failed to bring a all out blitz on the amazing Eugene Lewis touchdown. They had just sacked Vernon Adams for a 11 yard loss on the previous play. You cannot rush only 3 men on above play. A huge win for the cardiac kids aka the Als ! :thinking:

We have the best personnel, the best lines, the best defense, the best bench strength, the best Canadians, the best internationals, the best coaching staff, the best GM... and yet we have the most untested 2nd string QB in the league. He's been here three years and only thrown a handful of passes. We put all of our eggs in one basket at this one position. We're one hit away from ending up like Ottawa.

I don't understand our logic here. :thinking:

In 3 years you also had Bryan Bennett, Dan LeFevour (each for a year) & Dominique Davis for 3. Will you ever learn? If Zach starts 14 games this year it will be a first, unless you consider the 13 & 1 series back in 2018. I do hope he gets there though I'm not a Bomber guy.

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