Als collect 10 of 27 All Star Awards

Als are going to have to rent a bus to go to the CFL Award show :slight_smile:

Henry's gonna be pizzed off LOL!

And all pretty deserving....I might not have picked Watkins (although I admit to not knowing his stats), so I could be brought around. My only quibble would be Dales should have been the all-star punter.

Dales should stop punting the ball thru the endzone if he wants an All-Star. His average wouldn't even compare if he actually angled his punts :?

Sean Lucas for the 2nd straight season has been screwed out of a CFL All-star selection.. what a joke.

How does Lucas deserve one?

Don't you understand physics?!??!

Watkins had the best stats of all Al receivers,

jee, he lead the team in Tackles..?


isn't that enough? he was one of the best defensive players we had out there!

i agree dales was by far the best punter this year.

Should be a good consolation prize..

The league is bigger than the Riders. Shocking I know.

Oh well then give him the MOP...Do you know why he leads the team in tackles?? Teams go after him as they should. He gives up more second down conversions than anyone on the team. Teams constantly run at him and most of his tackles are garbage tackles(cleaning up tackles after first contact) or chasing a guy from behind after he has let them gain 25 yards. When is the last time he has made a solo tackle facing the opponent??? It doesn't happen. Sad for a linebacker. Watch on Sunday how many times Burris picks on him. He can't cover and he can't make a big tackle on his own. Hell, even Kornegay has laid a few guys out. He is more of an all star than Lucas. There is nothing wrong with the selections. As far as him being one of the best defensive players out there for us...he isn't even our best linebacker.