Als coaching staff

As per the Als site: "At 1:30 PM GM Jim Popp along with HC T. Higgins will welcome a former Alouettes player who just accepted a role within the coaching staff"

Has to be Anthony,at least I presume.



Either it's Calvillo or Cahoon. Either way, I'm excited. :thup:


Is there room for two ex-all star QBs on the same staff? If Calvillo is signed on, does Garcia stay?

Garcia is not returning.

Calvillo a été nommé assistant au coordonnateur à l'attaque.

Cette bonne nouvelle comporte donc en soi une mauvaise : Dinwiddie demeure le coordonnateur à l'attaque.

Je n'ai encore rien lu qui confirme s'il sera entraîneur des quarts-arrières ou pas, ni sur le départ de Jeff Garcia.

Si Calvillo prend également en charge l'entraînement des quarts-arrières, ça sera une bonne nouvelle. Si Calvillo n'occupe que ce poste d'assistant à Dinwiddie, cette annonce est pour moi une mauvaise nouvelle car cela signifie que Dinwiddie dirigera encore l'attaque la saison prochaine et qu'il faudra trouver un entraîneur des quarts-arrières pour remplacer Garcia s'il n'est pas de retour avec l'équipe.

Dinwiddie n'est pas encore un coordonnateur à l'attaque du niveau professionnel. Il a ses classes à faire ailleurs avant d'accéder à ce poste. Calvillo n'est pas plus prêt à assumer cette charge, et d'y être initié par Dinwiddie n'augure rien de bon, même si Calvillo a fréquenté suffisamment de coordonnateurs différents pour avoir une bonne idée de la nature du boulot.

I heard part of the teleconference on TSN 690 and Dinwiddie will not be returning as offensive co-ordinator, only as an offensive assistant like Calvillo. Their roles will be determined when a co-ordinator is named.

Schoenert "remains in the picture", whatever that means. Will he be named co-ordinator? And Garcia, Speckman, and Posy-Audette will not be back. Bolduc back as offensive quality control.

All the defensive coaches including Stewart will be back.

So we still need an offensive co-ordinator, and please, please, please, a special teams co-ordinator.

I’m not a fan of these half baked titles. I hope he does well. Definitely brings clout with him and the ear of Wetenhall.

Les Alouettes ont également confirmé qu'ils sont à la recherche d'un coordonnateur des unités spéciales.

Sinon, je vais etre a la recherche d`un psychiatre!

Merci Sheldon!

Selon ce que RDS rapporte, Garcia, Speckman et Posy-Audette ne seront pas de retour.

Les Alouettes ont eu des discussions avec plusieurs candidats pour le poste de coordonnateur à l'attaque et une annonce pourrait être faite assez tôt en 2015. Les annonces d'aujourd'hui ont été faites alors que les discussions avec les candidats comme coordonnateurs à l'attaque incluaient ces assignations.

Tout ceci laisse donc penser que Schonert, Calvillo et Dinwiddie pourraient avoir à se partager les quarts-arrières, les receveurs et les porteurs de ballon. Je suis très heureux du retour de Kris Sweet, qui s'est avéré un excellent entraîneur de la ligne offensive. Les réserves qui avaient circulé à son sujet n'étaient manifestement pas fondées.

Comme l'a souligné Sheldon, les Alouettes cherchent un coordonnateur pour les nullités spéciales. Vont-ils enfin trouver quelqu'un?

Finalement, ça va être quoi la job de Higgins à la fin de toutes les embauches?

Sous le site des Alouettes, nous avons les noms des entraîneurs nommés à date pour 2015; par contre, Turk Schonert n'est pas inclus dans/sous cette liste. Oubli/erreur?


Extremely happy with how things unravelled today. Surprised but happy that Dinwiddie has accepted his demotion, ecstatic to see AC back in the fold, and that the org has realized we need a new OC and a dedicated ST coordinator.

I get the impression Schonert is a candidate for offensive co-ordinator, but would not return if he doesn`t get it.

Which is fair. At his age, with his background, he's not going to be a position coach longer than necessary. Just like Nelson.

And if he doesn't return, well then we have an opening at receivers coach which could be filled very nicely by a certain former no. 86...

I heard he had not made his decision yet... Maybe they offered him the OC job ?

Thank you.


So now we go from a QB coach in Garcia who teaches mobility in the QB position to a QB coach who has never taught, never mentored, sat by himself, and who has 9 yards rushing in his career. Disaster meeting philosophy. Good PR tho.

We were never going to hang on to Jeff unless he was offered the HC job. Which I would have liked very much but when "the owner" decided to tie his can to Higgins, I knew he was gone since he was not interested in a coordinator position.

As for AC while I share your concerns. Its impossible to know till he has his shot rotating position coaches is not necessary a bad thing maybe AC can teach the QB's different set of skills than Garcia.

Jeff Garcia has plenty of options...

It is very difficult to get excited about that team these days. When the HC is Higgins, the GM disconnected and the offense and ST where the sizzle comes from are both inept.

AC spent most of his final playing year (2013) mentoring players once it became clear that he wouldn't be returning on the field. He's been the leader of the franchise for over a decade. And somehow we think he can't mentor the quarterbacks? Why, because he sat by himself during games? Right, because all mentoring happens when a game is in progress. Certainly not at any other time. :lol:

It's impossible to predict how anyone will do, but AC has as good a shot as any at excelling in the coaching business IMO. He's starting at the bottom, as an assistant paying his due. Unlike Garcia who seems to be arrogant enough to think he can just bypass everything and vault straight into an HC gig. Frankly that rubbed me the wrong way.